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Built-in with the most detailed, accurate, comprehensive, continuously updated and feature-rich maps

Create your own Mappls Pin

Mappls Pin is one of the most unique feature of Mappls that offers you the ease of searching any location with a six-digit alphanumeric code. Now, there is no need to remember never-ending addresses, just type in the six-character code and you will effortlessly be directed to the doorstep of your destination.

One can use the Mappls Pin to see nearby places around you and also create your very own Mappls Pin. Share your Mappls Pin with your friends and social network if they want an easy way to see and get directions to your address. Enjoy your easy search with Mappls.

Elevate your Navigation experience with Mappls

Mappls have the most smooth and reliable navigation system, as it provides advanced online 2D and 3D maps with live traffic updates. It provides the exact location of the user while traveling with turn-by-turn voice instruction and visual alerts for Traffic, Safety, Road conditions, and Navigation.

We can also have a prior idea of the planned route with the help of the Route Summary feature.

It also allows us to exclude the Tolls, Highways and Ferries option according to our need. It shows the Current Speed of the Vehicle along with the Speed limit of the Road to avoid hefty fines and accidents during the journey.

Explore the real world with millions of photo realistic panoramic images.

Experience the world as if you are actually there. Mappls 360 high definition views are fun and interactive.

RealView is a way for you to view the world, right from the comfort of where you are. Now, get a full panoramic view of your assets and even geo-tag, measure, and analyze them with photo-realistic quality.

The feature allows you to view actual street imagery of the chosen place which gives you a highly accurate photo-realistic experience. You can view a 360-degree pan of any place, look left and right, up and down, and zoom in or out.

Want to spend less and make more on each trip?

Users will be able to get the estimated toll price and trip cost to their destination even before the trip starts. Navigation in mappls comes with many benefits:

Comprehensive toll intelligence

Trip cost estimation supports all vehicle types such as motorcycles, cars, taxis, rideshares, EVs, SUVs, Pick-ups, Trucks, Semi-trailers, and multi-axle commercial vehicles and optimizes the route calculations based on the toll parameters applicable in the region.

Easy trip planning

From personal trips for passenger vehicles (cars, SUVs) to commercial trips for logistics (trucks, semi-trailers) or last-mile delivery (delivery vans), all trips can be planned within seconds.

Reduce Mobility Cost & Increase Visibility

Cost-based routing enables businesses to lower the costs and increase the customer satisfaction.

Experience Mesmerizing 3D Landmarks

Mappls users can now have a more realistic, quick, and accurate 3D landmarks view of the map and the map objects. Users can also tilt and rotate the map to view the map and map objects from multiple angles.

Also with the help of 3D view users can check the difference in height of the buildings, elevated structures, and geospatial datasets and enjoy realistic views of buildings and monuments.

Insight to help us better understand our Planet

MapmyIndia Mappls partnership with ISRO to provide Mappls fully indigenous, mapping portal, digital maps, and technologies with ISRO’s catalog of satellite imagery and earth observation data.

Visualize some of the country’s most fascinating Earth observation data to facilitate the use of high-resolution satellite data, satellite imagery, specialized database infrastructures like Night Light Data, Digital Elevation Method, Weather, Vegetation Indices, Landuse and Landcover, Soil Moisture and Temperature Data, and many other parameters.

Mappls is your all in one EV charging information provider in the era of electronic vehicles. Mappls is making it easy for you to reach out to your nearby EV charging stations according to your requirement by using the EV filter.

Users can filter the results based on Electric Vehicle Model, Electric Charging Plug, and Electric Charging Network.

Mappls Gadgets enable you to track your vehicle and loved ones in real-time, ensuring their safety. The IoT tracking feature allows the user to see the timeline of all the smart devices like Drivemate, Safemate, etc connected to the account. The user can check the current status of the vehicles with the live location of it from the comfort of their desk.

The users can view and play the daily trails on the map and check the distance travelled, duration of the trip, and also the average speed of the vehicle during the trip.

Make your business digital enterprise by claiming and managing the place's page on your fingertips. Mappls gives you easy access and puts you in control of all the information.

Claiming the place means taking ownership of a particular place and connecting with your audience digitally. The feature can give you a great boost in your business. You can update and upgrade your page in real-time from anywhere and enjoy the progress.

The Report and View feature helps us to report any event and let other Mappls users view and know about the concerned issues in and around the area.

It allows us to Report, View & Share hyper-local issues & updates like traffic, potholes, and unsafe zones to make our roads, neighborhoods & cities a better place to live in.

In case we are planning a trip to any nearby city, we can have a prior idea of the route and the destination for planning our trip better. If there will be any traffic jam or road closure on the route, we can diverge our route to reach in time.

Mappls offers you precise house number level search and Get door to door precise directions. House addresses or buildings are just a click away now!

You can simply zoom to the last level on Mappls Maps and see exact locations on the map for residential house numbers, commercial building addresses and names, apartment complexes, businesses and points of interest.

Mappls adapted with unique data modeling representing diverse addressing patterns in connection to streets, sub localities, and localities.

Structured address directory powering address reconciliation, resolution, and geocoding solutions.
Attributed with entry locations to power accurate last-mile reachability.

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