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An Attractive offer for Parents for their Peace & Mind,
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Monitor and track the movement of School Buses & ensure the safety of students during their transportation to and from School

Our school bus monitoring solution is designed to help school administrators keep students safe while they're on the bus. It gives detailed alerts and reports on how the bus is being driven, and it tracks the buses in real-time. Parents can use the companion app to see if their child is on the bus, where it is, and when it will arrive, giving them peace of mind.

Parents require a
solution for
  • Late arrival of the bus for pickup/drop-off
  • Confirmation of whether the bus has departed from the school.
  • Notification when the bus reaches the school
  • Confirmation when the bus departs from the last stop
School authorities
require information for
  • Monitoring of buses during children's transportation
  • Continuous tracking of driver behaviour
  • Immediate alerts for emergency situations
  • Bus attendance tracking using Biometric or RFID tags

MyKids App For Parents

Live Tracking

Parents receive push notifications when the bus starts from school and when their child boards or de-boards.

Directions to The Stop Location

Navigate from the current location to the bus stop using direction options.

Notification Alerts

Receive push notifications on ETA, pick & drop-off alerts.

Bus Information

Access contact details of the assigned bus through the app

Attendance History

Track student attendance with RFID technology, including entry and exit times from the bus

Multiple Language Support

Use the app in your preferred language; it supports 10 languages

A Powerful and User-Friendly Application for Schools

School administrators can easily manage and monitor school buses on the road through our web-based application. This application ensures that school administrators receive immediate SMS and email alerts for the following scenarios:

  • Prolonged bus stops at specific locations
  • Use of the SOS button in case of emergencies
  • Bus entering or leaving the school premises
  • Instances of over speeding
  • Any attempts of device tampering


Drive Summary

Provides a summary of travelled journeys.

Over Speed

Provides time and location whenever the vehicle exceeds the speed limit.

Bus Attendance (Class-wise Summary)

Presents a class-wise count of total students who travelled by bus.

Day-wise Bus Attendance Summary

Offers a route-wise count of total students who travelled by bus each day.

Student Bus Attendance Report

Details the attendance of each student for selected days.

Plan Execution Report

Compares planned time with actual time for each bus route journey at each stop.

Access Card Swipes Missed Report

Identifies students who missed swiping their cards during boarding or de-boarding.

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