Augment your field force management with location intelligence & automation

Workmate is your field force management platform that optimises your sales, service, delivery, driver and survey staff operations, and increases employee productivity.

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Workmate features

The Workmate app has a plethora of features that help optimise various industry processes
and save time for employees, by using the power of location intelligence.

Digitally record Workday Start and End

  • Auto capture activity location like workday start and end, check in/out, clients.
  • Capture live images of the odometer and user.
  • Ensure ‘workday start’ for office employees happens only within the office location.
  • Provision to select the travel mode for auto reimbursement.
  • Get the distance between current location and office location.

* Above features are highly configurable at company and user level.

Mobile app-based Live Location Tracking

  • Live track employee location from workday start to end
  • Get the complete travel path for the day
  • Get total distance travelled based on GPS location and odometer
  • Replay travelled path on the map
  • Ensure visits are conducted at client locations

Auto Attendance Management

  • Mark your attendance remotely or from the office location.
  • Automatically mark attendance based on workday start and end.
  • Users can submit their leave application.
  • Managers can approve the attendance or the system will auto-approve the attendance based on the configuration.
  • Users can verify whether their attendance is approved or not
  • The HR team can get the attendance summary and detailed report for salary processing.

Distance-Based Auto Reimbursement

  • View workday start and end activity on the odometer and on the Workmate app
  • Users can claim travel expenses for activities they carried out.
  • Users can claim other expenses like food, accommodation, and travel
  • The system approves the reimbursement based on the configured conditions.
  • Managers can approve reimbursement claims, users can send a reminder for approval
  • Users can check the status of the claim and get the reimbursement receipt with travelled path image

Capture and geo-tag digital client profiles

  • Capture client contact details with geolocation address.
  • View nearby customers' locations on the map.
  • Colour code your clients based on the use case and view them on a map
  • Provision to bulk upload client details
  • Get turn-by-turn navigation to reach the client’s location.
  • Client names can be categorized into Dealers, Locations, Distributor, etc

Verify Employee Activity At client location.

  • Mandate check-in at client location.
  • Get the checked in/out location, address, and time.
  • Capture images and proof at check out.
  • Users can enter the checkout comment.
  • Electronic proof of delivery at checkout.
  • During check-in/out time, custom forms can be filled by the user.

Custom Forms.

  • Create your own form to collect different types of data
  • Assign forms to users and activities, like workday start and end, check-in/out, client creation, on request, trip tasks
  • Forms can be made mandatory or optional
  • Form fields can be made mandatory or optional.
  • Admin can configure text, number, check box, single answer question, free text, autosuggest-based query
  • The on request form can be filled without dependency on activity

Intelligently Manage Location-based Tasks

  • Assign tasks against clients with due date and time.
  • Provision to select the priority of the task
  • Trip tasks can be assigned to the user. Get the EPOD for the task.
  • Assign custom forms against the task.
  • Comment option enables better communication between task owner and performer.
  • Get the Task checked in/out location, address, and time.
  • Ensure tasks are performed at the client’s location. Get the actual turnaround time for the task.

Plan and optimize field users daily route Plan

  • Plan your daily client visit with timings.
  • View the planned route on the map.
  • Validate planned visit sequence and duration against actual visit sequence and duration
  • Optimize your daily route plan.
  • Get a notification for your planned visits.
  • Manager can assign PJP (Permanent Journey Plan)

Dashboard to get quick insights

  • Today’s stats give quick insights into a user's activity
  • Provision to create a custom dashboard
  • Get the number of users who are stationary or moving at any point in time
  • Filters to get the list of users based on their current status.
  • Get the Open/ Closed/ Work In Progress task status


  • Preconfigured reports can be viewed for selected periods
  • Reports can be downloaded in excel or pdf format.
  • Reports can be scheduled as daily, monthly, weekly, or any custom date periods.
  • Some of the reports like Productivity, reimbursement, attendance, Plan summary, activity reports, etc help to get quick insights.

Highly configurable and scalable.

  • At the Company level data polling conditions, Logo, Auto work end etc can be configured.
  • Custom configs like Client categories, Tags, Expense types, Attendance types can be configured.
  • Custom form creation and assignment can be made at the user level
  • User-level settings make the application highly configurable.
  • Capture user info details and maintain organizational hierarchy

Offline Support.

  • Activities like workday start/end, check-in/out, client creation can be performed in low or no network
  • Once the network comes back, all the offline data will be synced automatically
  • Live location capturing done in offline mode gets synced immediately on network availability

Use cases

Workmate features help solve several industry use cases by
conforming to different industry needs

  • Employee live location tracking system
  • Capture and create digital client or property or distributor profiles
  • Location-based field service management
  • Geotag your on-ground survey data
  • Employee attendance system
  • Disaster management system
  • Ride-hailing service management
  • Contactless Delivery management
  • Distance-Based Auto Expense Management
  • Employee live location tracking system

    • Managers get real-time visibility of their workforce - where they are, what they are doing - enable mobile workforce management.
    • The app also works in offline mode. Location Data is saved locally on the device in case of no connectivity, and is pushed to the cloud when connectivity is restored.
    • Get the user's phone battery percentage, GPS and GPRS on/off status
    • Mock location identification feature restricts the user to fake their current location.
    • Manager/admin can replay the complete travelled path of the user.
  • Capture and create digital client or property or distributor profiles

    • Workmate facilitates lead capture for revenue generation by allowing fieldforce to mark clients on a map and also create client profiles by adding information like location, name, address, phone number, email and photos.
    • Users can also tag the client under a list of preset categories.
    • Managers can view these added clients on a map based on the different colours set for the client category
    • Against these client profiles, Tasks or Plan or Normal Check-in/out can be performed by the user
  • Location-based field service management

    • Improve service levels with location-based task allocation by finding the nearest field force to the client's location, ensuring resource utilization and increasing field force productivity, resulting in happier customers.
    • Workmate enables field force automation to capture details of the service performed, materials used and collect payment details through custom forms.
    • Get the turnaround time for each task to measure overall performance.
  • Geotag your on-ground survey data

    • Organise and capture critical information from the field through custom survey forms to replace the conventional paper-based or offline systems.
    • The data collected is geotagged and can seamlessly be uploaded into your internal database management systems.
    • Download the collected data in excel or pdf format
  • Employee attendance system

    • Field employees can mark their location-based attendance at the start and end of a workday, while office employees can mark their attendance from within the office premises only.
    • Based on the company policy, Attendance type, Holiday, and work schedule can be defined.
    • The auto approval mechanism helps to save the manager time in approving the attendances.
    • HR managers can now easily monitor employee attendance digitally and download these attendance reports in excel/pdf.
  • Disaster management system

    • Mapping technologies can help government authorities in better managing the field workforce for essential services, emergencies, and disasters, as well as enable them to better capture post-disaster impact and provide adequate relief.
    • Live location tracking and disaster location Mapping helps to allocate the task effectively.
  • Ride-hailing service management

    • Mobility service providers can track a driver's live location and minimize rider wait times by allocating trips to the nearest available driver, thus reducing their cost to serve riders
    • Workmate also gives turn-by-turn driving directions to safely reach the pickup location and drop destination.
    • Reimbursement can be made based on the actual travelled distance
  • Contactless Delivery management

    • Plan your e-commerce delivery operations better by running a safety check with Workmate.
    • This allows you to see beforehand, whether a delivery address falls in the high-risk biocontainment zones and red zones, or in the low-risk green zones and orange zones.
  • Distance-Based Auto Expense Management

    • Workmate enables auto expense management accurately and amicably to arrive at fuel reimbursement amounts based on exact distance and route travelled by field teams.
    • Workmate app compares the odometer distance with workmate app distance to auto-approve the reimbursement.
    • This helps avoid unpleasant disputes and potential pilferages.

Integrate Workmate APIs into your applications

A set of powerful field force management APIs allows you to connect your existing system with workmate app. All of Mappls' workmate field force management APIs are powered by OAuth 2.0 framework.

Workmate APIs help users get all the data related to their organisation such as live location of employees, user details, company level configurations, client, task and attendance details.

Walkthrough our easy to integrate web documentation.

Why Workmate

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation

Automates and organizes the daily tasks of your sales work force - Schedule tasks with centralised product database information and save time.

Self-Serve Platform

Self-Serve Platform

An extremely intuitive field service management application. Just download it from the play store and start using it immediately!

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Monitoring field sales performance in real time provides in-depth analysis to make accurate business decisions & take immediate actions with faster communication.

Location Based Workforce Mobility

Location Based Workforce Mobility

Allocate tasks with easy detection of the location of field force teams to improve work allocation efficiency.

Scalable & Flexible

Scalable & Flexible

Configured to the needs of growing business, handle more data without extra fees, and offer a variety of personalization tools that can be used to white label with your brand.

Granular Embedded Navigation

Granular Embedded Navigation

Step-by-step driving directions to the client location for meetings and consignment deliveries


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Free Plan

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  • Automated Reimbursement
  • 10 free user licenses for 1 month
  • 100 clients can be added and viewed on Map
  • Unlimited user activities
  • Reports
  • Location based Task Management
  • Smart custom form Generation & Assignment
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Private Channel Support

Enterprise Plan

Custom plan for your live location app

  • Automated Reimbursement
  • User based license can be purchased
  • Unlimited clients can be added and viewed on Map
  • Unlimited user activities
  • Reports
  • Location based Task Management
  • Smart custom form Generation & Assignment
  • Live Location Tracking
  • Private Channel Support


One app, many use-cases

Automate attendance 

Automate attendance management.

Using Workmate app, you can automatically mark attendance and log in-time & out-time of your employees when they start and end their workday.

Boost doorstep service levels

Get live visibility of field sales teams

Drive the productivity and performance of your field sales teams through improved time utilization and better location monitoring.

Boost doorstep service levels

Boost doorstep service levels

Live track your field service teams and share their live location, ETA with your customers, reducing wait times and improving customer service levels. Also, increase team productivity by monitoring time spent on each service request.

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