InTouch NextGen

InTouch NextGen is an immensely powerful cloud platform that is agnostic of hardware, cloud, geography with deep AI/ML capabilities.


Hardware Agnostic

Comes ready with the integration of a plethora of IoT hardware and sensors for fast implementation. Any new hardware or sensors can be easily integrated.


Cloud Agnostic

Tested on all the major cloud platforms and can easily be deployed on Azure, AWS, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud and others.


Global Map Coverage

Preloaded with the most hyperlocal, comprehensive, detailed and accurate maps of every geography.


Enterprise Integrations

Tested with various ERP, TMS, CRM and proprietary softwares for data exchange. Seamlessly integrates with external software platforms like SAP, OTM, Salesforce, etc.


A Unified Platform

Can easily receive data from different vehicle tracking softwares through API integrations and can aggregate this data from multiple sources into a single window platform.


Advanced Geospatial Capabilities

Unlock various analytics and insights basis location data of the world.

Our Features

Robust features to support powerful
and scalable applications.

Customisable Analytics

  • Fleet status
  • Trip status
  • Distance travelled
  • Fuel consumption
  • Alerts

Live Tracking

  • Vehicle or device status - moving/idle/stopped
  • Track individual vehicle
  • Vehicle level information
  • IoT GPS device status

Geofence Management

InTouch NextGen, powered by Mappls’ data-rich maps, makes it extremely easy to create many geofences of various sizes - including polygons, circles and freehand shapes.

Route Management

Automatically create the most economical, fastest, shortest and safest routes powered by Mappls' rich routing APIs.

Trip Management

Create a shipment and assign it to a vehicle either by using a predefined route or by seamlessly creating it on the fly.

Fleet Management

This highly efficient and effective fleet management feature allows the user to have complete control over the fleet at all times.

Driving Behaviour

Make the best use of every data point sent by the IoT hardware and analyse it to assess driving behaviour basis various critical parameters and generate a detailed driving scorecard.

Vehicle Health Diagnostics

Produce accurate vehicle health data and generate critical actionable alerts instantaneously. The AI/ML engine makes vehicle health predictions accurately based on historical data.

Intouch Platform APIs

APIs for device details, event data, drive data, geofences, alarms


Walkthrough our easy to integrate web documentation.

InTouch.getDevices(,,, new IDeviceListener() {
          public void onSuccess(DevicesResponse devicesResponse) {
                // write your code here.
        public void onError(String reason, String identifier, String description) {
                  // reason gives the error type. 
                  // errorIdentifier gives information about error code. 
                  // errorDescription gives a message for a particular error.

Product Features

Product Features

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