What is RealView?

RealView is a way for you to view the world, right from the comfort of where you are. Now, get a full panoramic view of your assets and even geo-tag, measure and analyse them with photo-realistic quality.

Visualise streets, roads, motorways, railway tracks, as well as residential and commercial zones from the comfort of your own desk.

How does RealView help you?

Boost your business efficiency with RealView SDKs & APIs. Say goodbye to in-person surveys and wasted time. Monitor all your assets from your desk, across locations. Geo-tag and control your data collection. Enhance decision-making with precise location data and real-world references for your teams. Optimize operations with RealView.

Where can you use Realview?

  • Infrastructure Planning: Monitor and plan streets, roads, railways, and waterways.

  • Utilities: Map electrical, gas, and water supply lines for optimal corridor selection.

  • Road Maintenance: Assess road quality and identify potholes for maintenance scheduling.

  • Telecom: Capture height, length, and width data for line-of-sight planning.

  • Smart City Planning: Integrate data for disaster management, surveillance, and mobility planning.

  • Marketing Analysis: Execute and analyze campaigns, competition, and market trends.

Customized Survey based Realview Solutions

RealView surveys by Mappls offer tailored 3D imagery and accurate data through SDKs & APIs. Use cases include:

  • Real Estate Survey: Visualize properties and surroundings.

  • Retail: Analyze markets for new outlet locations.

  • Utility: Map and capture utilities.

  • Road: Assess road quality and assets for authorities.

  • Urban Planning: Aid urban development planning.

  • Marketing: Plan and analyze marketing campaigns effectively.

API Documentation

Before using our SDKs or API in your solution, please ensure that the related access is enabled in the Mappls API Console.

Mappls SDKs & APIs follow OAuth2 based security. Access Tokens can be generated using Token Generation API. To know more on how to create your access tokens, please use our authorization API URL. More details available here.

The access token is valid for 24 hours from the time of generation. This can be configured by you in the API console.

You can consume our Realview service in two flavours within your app:

  • Realview as Map overlays (Part of our Maps SDK for Web): Refer to our detailed Documentation here.
  • Realview as an embeddable widget (Can be used in any platform): Refer to our detailed Documentation here.

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