Hyperlocal & Personalised
Marketing to 3X Customer

Engage your customers at their micro-moments
with Mappls' Personalisation SDK.

What is it?

The Mappls Personalisation SDK provides a unique privacy-first Online-to-Offline (O2O) platform that delivers precise, highly personalised communication to users on their Mobile and IoT devices.

How do we do it?

The Mappls Personalisation SDK integrates with your Mobile Apps to build dynamic O2O profiles of your customers by combining their online behaviour with their offline behaviour in real-time. The SDK further analyses these profiles using deep Machine-learning (ML) algorithms, to deliver personalised recommendations for your products and services, to the right customer at the right time and at the right location.

Engage, Retain & Convert Customers

What do consumers need?

In a recent Personalisation Pulse Check study by Accenture, over 90% of consumers said they are more likely to engage with brands and businesses who recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Where does Mappls' Personalisation SDK step in?

We, at Mappls, have connected the physical world to the digital by allowing businesses and brands to learn consumer behaviour journeys in the real world, analyse hyperlocal buying patterns and create localised marketing campaigns that enable increased walk-ins, conversion rates, sales - all with zero impact on app deletion.

Use Case


  • Enabling hyperlocal Merchant Partner-Consumer connects
  • Increasing wallet/card penetration with personalised loyalty programs
  • Creating Smart Concierge services using location-based consumer connects


  • Driving customer leads and sales by mapping consumer behaviour journeys
  • Increasing brand reach to consumers by monitoring proximity to dealerships

Consumer Brands

  • Reinventing marketing and ad campaigns with contextual and personalised messaging
  • Learn consumer movement patterns to augment loyalty and marketing programs

Omnichannel Retail & E-commerce

  • Building dynamic O2O shopping profiles for personalised suggestions
  • Contextual messaging based on offline journey in the retail ecosystem


  • Connecting hospital staff to patients based on proximity, case history and special needs
  • Tracking patients/assets inside the hospitals, auto-scheduling patient walk-ins, and more


  • Automating travel routes for pharma sales reps on their assigned doctor visits
  • Informing pharma reps and doctors of mutual presence, profiles and talking points, just-in-time prior to their meeting

Why Mappls Personalisation SDK?

Easy-to-integrate and can be deployed for millions of users in days and not weeks

Delivers industry-leading accuracy for positioning users in relation to the customer’s points-of-interest

Ensures 100% user privacy and data protection with its privacy-first design

5x improvement in CTR on in-app and push notifications

1.5x uplift in Conversion Rate

1.25x uplift on sales

70% user opt-ins for receiving personalised communication

Zero impact on app deletion

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Personalisation SDK, by Mappls, is India's first O2O engagement tool that can 3X your customer engagement, retention and conversion.

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