Enabling Navigation and Connected, Autonomous,
Shared, Electric (N-CASE) mobility across passenger
and commercial vehicles


Automotive Solutions

Connected Vehicle & Telematics

The most advanced connected vehicle IoT platform that creates a digital twin of your vehicle and keeps you connected - always!

eConcierge - Mappls O2O Services

A safe and personalised way for your customers to discover, book, and pay for things - food on the way home, tourist spots at your destination or booking of a hotel.

Autonomous Safety

Our HD maps enable precise localisation, safe driving experiences, and improved path planning with voice instructions.

Shared Mobility

A platform to 'uberize' the customer experience by offering end-to-end ride-sharing capabilities that are cost-effective and environment friendly.

Electric and Efficient Mobility

EV solutions that solve for range anxiety issues by mapping compatible EV charging stations on your connected interface.

Use Cases

Connected mobility for passenger vehicles

Let the car become a part of your routine, make the bike feel like an extension of you with Mappls' Next Generation Drive Assist

Get highly dynamic and hyper-local navigation along with convenient multi-faceted features to make your drive safe and fun.

Bringing you the world embedded in your vehicle with highly rich 4D time & space maps along with connected services such as e-concierge, crash assistance SOS, vehicle recovery & voice-assisted control over different subsystems of the vehicle.


Guiding trucks & trailers with safety and confidence

Supporting the backbone of goods transport with telematics

Your one-stop analytics solution for goods transport with highly informative, data-rich, actionable insights. Be confident in your fleet by reaping the benefits of viewing trails, vehicle attributes, driver behaviour, geofencing exit/entry along with map-based & list-based viewing features for multiple vehicles. Assess fleet performance with stoppage time, off-road movements, overspeeding and many other customisable attributes at the click of a button.


Building support for utility vehicles the Indian way

Driving and building routes for utility vehicles keeping in mind the challenging Indian navigation space.

When it comes to navigation, parking and usage of utility vehicles, the Indian landscape requires a highly specialised mobility & tracking platform for safe and economical routes coupled with dynamic traffic information to optimise projects and fuel consumption. We provide these solutions for utility vehicles in the construction industry, agriculture, fire safety department and other public service initiatives.


Transforming day-to-day use of public transport APIs and SDKs

Solving transit for the urban ecosystem by utilising location-based services

Provisioning first of its kind nearby pickup hotspots based on static & dynamic events, POIs and high traffic areas. Enable IoT-based passenger information system for the benefit of citizens. Electric mobility services such as nearby search for compatible charging stations, range calculation based on BMS modelling, and much more.


Products and Technology

Maps & Traffic

Most comprehensive, accurate, and real-time maps and traffic data.

Real-time & Hyperlocal Content Services

Enhance your driving experience with a tech-savvy embedded e-concierge.

Automotive Navigation

Connected, safe and ergonomic navigation solutions.

Telematics for Connected Vehicles

Deep connected mobility supported by a hardware, cloud agnostic telematics platform.

HD Maps for Safe Navigation

Bringing drivers highly granular lane-level predictive navigation.

Mobility Analytics

Better product design, customer service and targeted marketing using deep mobility insights.

Digital Transformation

Utilize end-to-end SaaS platforms for logistics operations, data monetization, intelligent CRM & micro market potential.

The Numbers Speak

25 million vehicles across two-wheelers, four-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercial vehicles are powered by Mappls

Fostering Innovation

Our automotive solutions are unique and cater to the needs of drivers, thereby making vehicles smart and efficient

Bespoke Solutions

Mappls uses a consultative approach to deliver end-to-end, custom-built automotive solutions tailored to customer needs

Auto OEMs love Mappls

Leading passenger and commercial vehicle brands trust Mappls

  • Mercedes-Benz India users will immensely benefit from Mappls' COVID-19 India Guide, as they will now have real-time and accurate information about high risk or no go areas, and thus avoid these while travelling. This is a proud moment where the team has developed this much needed innovation to add another layer of safety for our end-customers in India.

    Manu SaaleManaging Director & CEO, MBRDI

  • Digitisation is changing the shape of the world, especially India. Thus, Mappls, with its maps and location technologies will play a huge role in India’s future. The future is now, so be ready for this digitisation. Don’t wait for the future.

    Vijay Sethi Former CIO, Hero Motocorp

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