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Mappls Search Product offers a complete search solution
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or place with our powerful and accurate Search,
Geocode & Reverse Geocode Solutions.

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Experience the most relevant and accurate search results for any place, address or a pair of geo-coordinates with the industry’s best Search products.

We offer a wide range of solutions to cater to search requirements related to place discovery with the help of our powerful Autosuggest and Nearby Places Search solutions.

Our Geocoding solution is powered by Mappls' vast address database that can geocode any urban or rural address. Get human-readable addresses associated with geo-coordinates with the help of our Reverse Geocode.

With our Place along the Route, you’ll never feel new to any location while driving.



Real Time Map Updates

Mappls' versatile team of data moderators continuously enhances search databases as per changes in the real world and ensures the completeness of the information.


Auto Scaled Services

Mappls Search APIs can serve the needs of large clients with auto scalable services that provide consistent performance at any scale and with pre-informed, negligible maintenance downtime.


Advanced Search Features

Mappls has around 300+ POI categories with 1500+ phrases/keywords search support, resulting in extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use search experiences to end users.



Mappls Search APIs are powered with a unique and revolutionary addressing system, eLoc - a unique 6-character digital address that provides the exact location to the doorstep of any place.

Search Solutions


Autosuggest Search

‘Type-As-You-Go’. Get the best places suggestions as per user input strings before the user completes the desired place name. Learn more


Nearby Search

Enables you to add discovery and search for the nearby places using unique category codes and generic keywords. Learn more


Text Search

Quickly finds all the best instances of search results for places name, address, keywords, etc. Learn more


Geocode Search

Converts any readable address into highly accurate geographical coordinates, be it for any POI, house number, area, pincode, etc. Learn more


Reverse Geocode

Get the closest real, human-readable address to a provided set of geographical coordinates, along with nearest landmarks on the map Learn more


Address Standardization

Enables the user to parse incomplete or unformatted single line addresses to get the complete and standardised address output. Learn more


POI Along the Route

Add convenience to the user by providing nearby places of desired categories along the set route. Learn more


Place Details

Returns the most updated and detailed information of a place with its eLoc. Learn more


Geolocation Solution

Returns a location and accuracy radius on the basis of cell tower information that any mobile client can detect. Learn more

Address Standardization

Mappls' Address Standardisation API is an integrated service
enabling a complete flow of address cleansing, normalisation,
validation and standardization for an input address .

This API is trained on Mappls’ comprehensive address directory which is a unified data product representing the addresses at different levels of granularity. Supports modular functions to utilise the workflow as per business needs.

  • Address Cleansing Removal of unwanted special characters, improper spaces, name duplications and other undesired strings present in the address string.
  • Address Validation & Normalization Enables identifying the component parts of an address and parsing it into individual tokens and returns normalised results. Additionally, it validates the address components and determines the resolution level.
  • Standardization Returns the address matched against Mappls' address directory for standardising address tokens and validating the administrative chain of an address. This process also populates missing values at the time of validating the administrative chain.

Reverse Geocode

Reverse Geocoding is a process to give the closest matching
address to a provided geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude).

Mappls Reverse Geocode API provides real addresses along with nearest landmarks for any such geo-positions on the map.

  • Indic Feature Mappls Reverse Geocode API has an Indic feature which enables the user to input text in Hindi language and get the Indic results.

POI Along the Route

Gives the details of nearby places of desired categories along the set route


The main focus of this API is to provide convenience to the user and help him/her in locating the place of his/her interest that falls on the set route while on navigation.

  • Long Route Support Supports the computation of place results for long routes.
  • Optimized Services Scaled and highly optimised services that give consistent performance on navigation.
  • Accurate Data Results Returns the most accurate and updated place information along the route.
  • Within Your Reach Added functionality to change the nearby radial search limits.

Place Details

Place Details API returns detailed information of a place related to place
type, address, contact details, operating hours, etc. Mappls Places’ dataset has a wide
range of place attributes for different types of place categories.

Every place is assigned with a unique digital address, eLoc. Only this eLoc can be used to extract the details of a place.

  • Third Party Dataset With Mappls' 3rd party dataset enabling capabilities, we can enable provider specific attributes in our Place Details API.
  • Electric Charging Station Serves the most accurate and reliable detailed information on electric charging stations like machine type, plug type, slots, amenities, etc.
  • Category Specific Rich Attributes Place categories are supported with a wide range of attribute sets. E.g. for restaurants - cost for two, cuisine, etc. and for hospitals - number of beds, specialisation, etc.
  • Serve As Per Demand Able to serve the use cases where different information is required for different applications and services using static, dynamic, UI content-based information.


The Geolocation API returns a location and accuracy
radius on the basis of cell tower information that
any mobile client can detect.


Mobiles send the information of all the connected or recently connected cell towers. Once this is received, the API computes the user’s approximate location based on the provided cell towers’ information.

Mappls uses its cell towers’ geo location database to calculate the approximate geo location of the user.

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