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Go beyond just dots on the Map with advanced GIS data analytics capabilities with the best and most accurate mapping information in India that helps you visualize consumer behaviour patterns; sales performance analytics; market coverage and take the best decisions for your business


  • Visualize Styled Map
  • Analyze Maps & Data
  • Collaborate Data
  • Geoprocessing - Geo-process Data
  • 3D Scene
  • Share & Export Maps
  • Vision AI - Run Geo-AI Inferences
  • Enterprise Enabled
  • Build dynamic and configurable maps that can be used to create immersive experiences, support data analytics and gain critical perspective

    • Transpose and Visualize Raster & Vector data from Satellites, DEMs, Toposheets, Roads, Buildings & more
    • Configure & Play with multiple styles - Thematic Maps, Heat Maps & Charts
    • Overlay data on any basemap in the world
  • Analysing data is an iterative process, and we provide the comfort of tweaking and updating data efficiently till you find the output that is required.

    • Query Data using Expressions (Operators, SQL Expression)
    • Spatial Operations to Analyze Correlation b/w datasets
    • Non Spatial Operation
    • Trends and Pattern
    • Predictions
    • Catchment Area
  • Work effectively by marrying your own datasets with our rich multi-tiered dataset to gain insights, predict outcomes and understand your presence

    • mGIS Portal is Preloaded with Mappls' Rich Data Catalog
    • User can Analyze and Query their own data with Mappls' rich dataset
  • Get customized and configured data upload methods along with easy access to draw tools, creating layers and Nearby Search

    • Upload and Render Data from Different Formats
    • Save to User’s Repository
    • Batch Operations (Geocode/Rev-Geocode/Routing)
    • Select By Locations
    • Measurement Tools
    • Nearby Search
    • Draw Tool
    • Layer/Data Creation
  • Add a dimension to your data, creating and conceptualizing your vision in 3D. Use 3D data models to understand trends, patterns and non-obvious relationships. Extract value to understand the bigger picture.

    • 3D Data Object and Landmark Rendering On Map
    • 360 View
    • Flood Analysis
    • Threat Dome
  • Share ideas, concepts and your work in 2D & 3D. Share publicly to drive awareness, outreach and action or share privately for confidential map data.

    • Share and Embed Map View - Coming Soon
    • Export Map and Legends to PNG and PDF
  • Understand the built up area around critical places of interest, extract multiple feature types at the ready and use them to gain deep understanding of the area around you

    • Feature Extraction like, Building Footprint, Vegetation, Soil, Water, Road from a variety of satellite images.
    • Feature Classification [Classify area as industrial, residential, crops etc]
    • Enterprise Management dashboard for

      • User Management
      • Features Management
      • Data Management
    • Authentication System

Why mGIS?

  • Integrated Platform for dynamic visualization and analytics
  • Enterprise Ready with API integrable readiness
  • Access to Mappls' best-in-class map content repository for the Indian subcontinent
  • Highly Secured Encrypted Platform to ensure privacy of your data.
  • Highly Optimized for Performance
  • Flexible to ingest different GIS Formats and 3D objects
  • Highly Personalized & Configurable Dashboard
  • Follow OGC Standards
  • Cloud Based as well as on-premise.

You’re in good company - Our success stories & Use-cases

Market Research

Retail & Consumer Patterns Coverage Analytics Route-to-market Planning

Urban Planning

Built-up Area Change Detection Crime Analytics Property Valuation Multimodal Network Planning

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Potential Analytics Outlet Profiling Performance Analytics Risk Analytics

Solving Logistics & Delivery

Route Risk Analytics Proximity-based Lead & Order Allocation Network & Fulfilment Center Planning Driver Behaviour Analytics

Supporting Industries across a variety of sectors

Location-based Ad-Tech Support EV Charging Site Selection for Power Corps Negative Area Mapping for BFSI


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