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Navigate the World with Global Search, Routing and Mapping APIs & SDKs from Mappls. Now, available for 238 nations.

Mappls Global APIs, SDKs and live updating map data gives developers tools to build better mapping, navigation and search experiences across platforms.

Powered by map data with administrative boundaries and related naming conventions which follow the highest industry standards, these APIs & SDKs have comprehensive coverage in North America, Europe and other geographies, and are continuously updated to keep pace with new developments.

Explore our best-in-class mapping solutions for small, medium and large scale enterprises at extremely competitive and flexible pricing models.


Maps reveal the world around us — from where your friends are, to who’s winning the local election, to where your business is gaining traction. Mappls provides you with dynamic, performant, and rich maps for the world that suit your needs.

Mappls' Global Maps are enriched with building footprints, proper land-use, land cover characteristics including features like water bodies, green areas, airports, colleges/universities, cemeteries, to name a few.



Search and geocoding is tied to every app that helps humans explore their world.

Search desired locations based on keywords, place names, or even latitude and longitude - a process known as Reverse Geocoding.

Key features of Searching APIs:

  • Mappls' Global Maps represent the full administrative hierarchy as defined by a country (countries, states, provinces, municipalities, cities or built-up areas)
  • Geocode addresses, streets, admin areas and places, based on their corresponding admin areas
  • Mappls' standardised global search lets developers help users connect to their external content to enrich the user experience
  • Get a physical address from a set of geo coordinates
  • Mappls Place Search (powered by Autosuggest API) lets you explore places as you type. The responses provided are based on the place’s corresponding location as well as related attribution to get more information, such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, shops, etc.


Customisable and comprehensive routing for more than 238 nations.

Plan your route basis time or distance and our routing services will optimise your travel plans, thereby enhancing productivity.

Mappls' Global Routing APIs provide directional signs with optimised road networks to help users:

  • Easily determine which side of the road the destination falls on
  • Configure requests for the shortest or fastest route while avoiding toll roads, motorways, tunnels, unpaved roads and more
  • Get the best route through a set of waypoints based on time or distance travelled
  • Accurately match GPS traces to the road network to get the most probable route that moving assets have been on (with Mappls' Global Snap to Road API)
  • Calculate routing matrices of travel times or distances for up to 10,000 origins and destinations (with Mappls' Global Distance Matrix API)


Powerful routing engine and intuitive turn-by-turn directions to help you build engaging navigation experiences for any country in the world, with just a few lines of code.

Mappls' Global Navigation Services include the following unique and powerful features:

  • Guide the user to their destination with audio and visual cues along the way
  • Embedded routing engine that can instantly reroute users who miss a turn or pull off the road for a quick stop
  • Enhanced location engine cleans up GPS data to provide consistent positioning and movement on the map
  • Road network is rendered according to different road classifications, each having its own use case based specifications, thus optimising the visual experience for different types of use cases (e.g. expressways and district highways are separately colour coded and each have their own easily identifiable standard signages)

How to Integrate Mappls
Global APIs & SDKs

To access Mappls APIs & SDKs, all you have to do is add the country code(s) to the existing ‘region’ values available from Mappls.

(Note: Mappls already has maps available for India and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar & Nepal.)

Now, you need to specify the region in our APIs/SDKs from the list of globally applicable region values...and that's it!

Here is the list of region codes available and applicable to Mappls Maps & SDKs.

Sounds easy, right?!
You must be thinking there has to be more to it.

That is all you, as a developer, have to do in your code.
Simply extend and apply the necessary region code to our APIs and SDKs and watch the magic happen right before your eyes.
Mappls' intelligent SDKs automatically configure themselves to provide you with location information for the world at your fingertips.

Integrating Global Maps in your app

You simply have to set the region in the MapmyIndiaAccountManager
class to configure your SDK to work for that particular region.


Walkthrough our easy to integrate Android documentation.

Mappls SDK for Android


icon icon

Walkthrough our easy to integrate iOS documentation.

Mappls SDK for iOS

MapmyIndiaAccountManager. setDefaultRegion(MMIRegionTypeIdentifier("KWT"))

The above code snippets configure the SDK to work for the Kuwait region, as per the list of region codes mentioned here.
For more details, refer to the docs available for Android and iOS.

To know more on how to integrate Mappls Global Map APIs & SDKs, please see
our documentation on


  • APIs & SDKs for China, Pakistan and Afghanistan are not available with Mappls
  • Mappls APIs & SDKs are ~30% more economical compared to competitors
  • Developers wishing to access our Global APIs & SDKs can write to, specifying the country/countries they wish to use our APIs/SDKs for

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