Mappls Route Optimisation
APIs and SDKs

Embrace the new way of running your end-to-end planning and optimisation activities.
Save time. Improve efficiencies. Reduce dependencies.

Optimised Deliveries

Ensuring drivers to have the best routes possible.

Fleet Management

Real-time Fleet Tracking on vibrant Mappls maps.

Last Mile Delivery

Optimise, track and plan your final leg of delivery

Help managers take control of last-mile operations with end-to-end planning & optimisation APIs & SDKs from MapmyIndia.

Plan your routes, assign and optimise your last-mile solutions for the movement of people, goods and vehicles.

Access accurate routing capabilities based on automotive-grade maps and location data.

Adapt your route plans to real-world circumstances and ensure that your field workforce reliably reaches destinations pan India.

Get accurate ETAs that take into account real-time congestion and incidents.

Customise vehicle and job attributes to fit specific customer preferences or business requirements.

Mappls Route Optimisation API determines the most cost-efficient route

The optimised route is provided by considering stop locations and their reachability with reference to the travelling salesman.

Vehicle Routing Problem APIs Simplify your last mile

Last-mile operations are tough – problems abound in tight deadlines, increasing costs, or fluctuating daily demand.

Mappls Optimisation APIs & SDKs help make your last-mile solutions smarter - by optimising constraints for vehicles & jobs.

Built on rich & accurate location information, Mappls Optimisation SDKs & APIs help you plan the best route for your field executives. Increase your service by giving your customers more accurate ETAs and offering a better competitive advantage.

Optimise and plan deliveries across any fleet size - plan smarter routes by considering live congestion for various transport modes.

Our APIs are specially designed for trucks with our doorstep road network coverage that calculates your route depending on hundreds of attributes, taking into account route limitations such as truck restrictions, vehicle rules and inner-city restrictions.

Our optimisation services can be further enhanced and stitched with our other offerings to promote better value for your solutions:

You can promote better & safer driving conditions with MapmyIndia’s Navigation SDK, which provides turn-by-turn guidance. It also alerts drivers to real-time information such as safety events, speed limits, road closures, among other traffic conditions.

Reduce cost overruns and driver dissatisfaction by making your delivery operations more effective.

Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (CVRP) is the optimised route solution based on vehicle carrying capacity

The vehicles have a limited carrying capacity of the goods that must be delivered. It can be single or multi quantity dimensions (e.g. volume, weight, number of packets, etc.).

Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (VRPTW) is the optimised route solution based on particular time windows

The delivery locations have time windows within which the deliveries (or visits) must be made.

Vehicle Routing Problem with Profits/Priority (VRPP) is the optimised route solution based on profitability as well as the priority of the scheduled delivery

A maximisation problem where it is not mandatory to visit all customers. The aim is to visit customers, maximising the sum of collected profits while respecting a vehicle time limit. Vehicles are required to start and end at the depot.

Vehicle Routing Problem with Skill Set is the optimised route solution based on speciality based skills or attributes associated with specific jobs

A delivery/pickup can only be served by the vehicle if its required skills are a subset of vehicle skills.

Benefits of Mappls Optimisation APIs/SDKs

Increase accuracy
of ETAs

Better stop order

Reduce vehicle utilisation
costs/increase stops per trip

Enhanced revenue

Reduce carbon


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