Press Release December 23, 2021 | 11 min read

MapmyIndia (CE Info Systems Ltd) becomes a publicly listed company on the Indian stock exchanges

On Tuesday, 21st December 2021, MapmyIndia hit a special milestone.

We became the first Indian digital mapping and geospatial technologies products and platforms company to get publicly listed on the Indian bourses. This landmark was reached under the leadership of our co-founders, Rakesh Verma (Chairman and Managing Director) and Rashmi Verma (CTO), and our CEO & Executive Director, Rohan Verma.

While our journey over the last 26 years has been long and arduous, it has certainly been worthwhile because of all of those who have been associated with us in some way, shape or form – our users, our customers, our well-wishers. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

During the listing ceremony of MapmyIndia, our co-founder, Rakesh Verma said, “Back in 1995, it was our conviction that 80% of all data would have a location component. With that conviction, now, we can say that the use cases will be unlimited, with imagination being the only limiting factor. Today, I’m grateful to all MapmyIndians – thanks to you, you dedicated your life, time to build the digital map, which we safely say is the best digital map in this world for our own country.” He added, “I feel one chapter is coming to a close, but we are in a happy place as the new one is emerging, which is even more powerful and strong.”

Our CTO, Rashmi Verma also shared her thoughts on this occasion, she said “Listing MapmyIndia is an important milestone of our strategic vision, and combined with a very good execution process based on the fundamental three pillars – our people, culture and our customers, we have been able to build this passionate set of people. People are our biggest asset and taking care of their well-being and growth is built into our ethos. Since the inception of MapmyIndia, we have instilled in our culture customer centricity, so we believe our partners are our customers and our customers are our partners – creating a long-lasting relationship.”

On this momentous occasion, our CEO, Rohan Verma, had the following words to say, “These few weeks of December 2021 mark a special milestone. MapmyIndia (C.E. Info Systems Ltd) is becoming a publicly listed company on the Indian stock exchanges. We always wanted to build an enduring and impactful company that is for India, from India and by Indians. So, we are really happy to go from being privately held to publicly held, with lakhs of public shareholders across the length, breadth and depth of India.”

Our mission at MapmyIndia has always been to build world-class maps and technologies and bring infinite positive benefits to everyone through our company’s efforts. You – our customers and users – mean the world to us! We are extremely committed to continuously innovate, improve, evolve and will always do everything possible to better serve our country, our customers, our users, and our shareholders.

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