Use Cases


Users can find the cheapest and the fastest routes by calculating and determining the optimal route based on toll & trip cost data.

Individuals can compare available routes based on toll fees and fuel cost estimation.


Business owners can get prior information on the toll fee and recharge the fastag of their fleet vehicles timely.

They can also estimate their fleet's fuel cost, plan more efficiently, and reduce their trip cost.


Get the real time location of your drivers and track their movements. Also know the estimated time of delivery of your logistics to each and every delivery locations.

Logistics owners can charge their customers a fair, profitable amount for their delivery by estimating the transportation charge.


Now there will be full transparency regarding the toll cost to the cab drivers as well as the passengers.

Cab drivers and passengers don't have to deal with price negotiations anymore. Neither Drivers have to pay from their pockets nor passengers have to feel conned. The feature helps build trust between the two.

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