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Dynamic Search?

Real Time Map Updates

Real-time maps with detailed attribute-rich content that is professionally collected, curated and continuously enhances search databases as per changes in the real world and ensures the completeness of the information.

Advanced Search Features

Mappls search has around 300+ POI categories with 1500+ phrases/keywords search support, resulting in extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use search experiences to end users.

Mappls ID

Powered with a unique and revolutionary addressing system, Mappls ID - a unique 6-character digital address that provides the exact location to the doorstep of any place.

Search Solutions that make
Dynamic Search

Autosuggest Search

‘Type-As-You-Go’. Get the best places suggestions as per user input strings before the user completes the desired place name.

Nearby Search

Search and get access to Nearby facilities based on available categories, including hospitals, treatment centers, petrol pumps, ATMs, banks, police stations, post office and others.

Text Search

This provides information about a list of places on the basis of a text string entered by the user. This lets the user get the search results for places name, keywords, formatted and unformatted addresses.

POI Along the Route

Add convenience to the user by providing nearby places of desired categories along the set route.

Geocode Search

Converts any readable address into highly accurate geographical coordinates, be it for any POI, house number, area, pincode, etc.

Reverse Geocode

Get the closest real, human-readable address to a provided set of geographical coordinates, along with nearest landmarks on the map.

POI Along the Route

Gives the details of nearby places of desired categories
along the set route

  • Long Route Support: Supports the computation of place results for long routes.
  • Optimized Services: Scaled and highly optimised services that give consistent performance on navigation.
  • Accurate Data Results: Returns the most accurate and updated place information along the route.
  • Within Your Reach: Added functionality to change the nearby radial search limits.

Reverse Geocode

Reverse Geocoding is a process to give the closest matching address to a provided
geographical coordinate (latitude/longitude).

Mappls Reverse Geocode provides real addresses along with nearest landmarks for any such geo-positions on the map.

  • Indic Feature
  • Mappls Reverse Geocode API has an Indic feature which enables the user to input text in Hindi language and get the Indic results.


  • Search exact house addresses & buildings using Smart Search functionality in which it gives smart keyword suggestions as per the user’s input string
  • Find and visit the nearest shops, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, banks & ATMs, etc.
  • Get access to the nearest vaccination centres
  • Find nearest EV charging stations with rich attributes like Plugs, make model, plug type , cost etc.
  • Search places along your set route


  • Increase operational efficiency and take measures against road safety, pollution etc.
  • Act as information providers or getters. Serve and help the community in a swift manner against natural or man-made disasters like landslides, floods etc.
  • Search and discover nearby vaccination centres across the country


  • Get discovered by the users by adding and showcasing your business on the map.
  • claim and manage your place on map and display information in more open ways by letting the filter based search to reach its target audience.
  • maintain the list of your chain/offices to showcase on the maps in search bar listings.
  • Use the maps to interact with a set of Mappls map users and other communities.

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