Add a Place

Add a place or a place of business outlet with its complete details on the map and
generate 6 digit Mappls ID corresponding to that place to get discovered
by all map users.

How Does ‘Add a Place’ Help ?

  • Transform your businesses into digital enterprises with the power of location and maps.
  • Easy-to-use location and mapping functionalities that make it possible for users to add a place/business on the map.
  • Our map makes the user experience much more meaningful with the most up-to-date location data and all India map coverage.
  • Able to add nearby places, points of interest across the categories and navigate to the same place with live traffic information.
  • The administration can add facilities, amenities, roads and bridges to the map to let the public know about the new developments of the city administration.


  • Make it easier for others to find your place by adding it on the map.
  • Find and get the newly opened store, restaurant, shopping malls, historical places and more.
  • Discover newly added social events like festival celebrations, community gatherings etc. happening right around the corner.
  • Visually showcase your city, locality, place by adding photos.
  • Can add locations with pictures, reviews, comments and ratings, so others can make easier decisions on where to shop, travel or stay.
  • Share your place Mappls ID with your friends and social network if they want an easy way to see and get directions to your added address.


  • Add new places, facilities, amenities developed by city administration on the map.
  • Generate 6 digit Mappls ID corresponding to that place for the easier access of the citizens.
  • Citizens can be informed about new developments undertaken by the city administration. Like blood banks, health checkup camps, corona vaccination centers, relief centers etc.
  • Administration can add all government ration shops on the map and link it's Mappls ID with Aadhar card to track the availability and distribution of rations.
  • Government owned places can provide more detailed information like timings, websites and other amenities available at that place to make it more user-friendly and convenient.


  • Make it easier for people to find your business.
  • Searches are carried out by phone, they can call your company with just a tap.
  • Add rich details to encourage people to visit your website or place.
  • Visually showcase your business by adding photos.
  • Customer trustworthiness through reviews and ratings.

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