Unmask Market Potential with Area Analysis

Dive into comprehensive demographic and utility insights within target areas. Dive deep into Population Insights, Geo-Demographics, Market Potential Insights, Micro Market Analysis, Business Network Catchments and more, laying the groundwork for precise market research and marketing strategies.

Catchment Analysis Made Accessible

Create precise spatial buffers around any location, pinpointing the areas your outreach can effectively reach. Choose your radius, select points of interest, analyze population demographics, assess affluence levels and more within your catchment. mGIS equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions and maximize your impact.

Drive Time Analysis: Insightful Travel Metrics

Calculate reachable areas based on specified travel time or driving distance along a road network. With options for driving time or distance, this feature aids in strategic planning and logistical decisions with precision.

Advanced Querying with mGIS, Engineered for Efficiency

Transform your data into actionable insights with mGIS's intuitive Query Builder. Craft complex SQL queries with ease. Navigate the complexities of your datasets effortlessly with mGIS's Query Builder. With a user-friendly interface, this feature empowers users to create intricate queries with ease. The efficiency of your queries is enhanced through validation capabilities, ensuring accuracy in every step. mGIS makes complex queries accessible.

Extracting Granular Insights using Location Filters

Uncover spatial relationships with precision. Explore feature interactions using Intersect, Within, Contains, and Select by Location. Define search areas with polygons, circles, rectangles, and even freehand drawings for tailored insights. Employ spatial joins and cross joins to perform advanced data comparisons. mGIS empowers you to identify nuanced patterns and uncover hidden connections within your datasets, leading to deeper understanding and informed decision-making.

Geoprocessing Tools To Fuel Efficiency

Leverage a comprehensive suite of geoprocessing tools for automated spatial analysis and GIS data management. Manage workflows efficiently with a comprehensive processing toolbox allowing batch operations like buffer, clip, merge, union and dissolve on spatial data.

Assess Trends Over Time

Watch patterns evolve and trends emerge as you step through historical data layers with mGIS’s Time-Aware Visualization. This cutting-edge feature offers invaluable insights into environmental shifts, urban development, and dynamic market trends, empowering you to anticipate future changes and make informed decisions.

Road Elevation Insights

Gain insights into elevation variations along specific routes or roads. Generate graphical representations of elevation changes along paths, aiding in visualizing and analyzing elevation surface data, both for routing paths and user-drawn paths.

AI-Powered Vision: Extracting Insights from Imagery

See beyond the pixels with mGIS's AI-powered image analysis. mGIS’s Vision AI algorithms detect building footprints, extract road networks, map vegetation cover, and even estimate building heights. This data-driven intelligence fuels smarter urban planning, environmental monitoring, and precise resource management – the future of spatial insights is here.

  • 1. Object Detection :

    Precisely detect infrastructure like bridges and roundabouts, as well as strategic assets like storage tanks, and more from satellite images.
    mGIS Vision empowers you to gain insights from drone ortho imagery with features like Vehicle and Solar Panel detection from drone ortho images.

  • 2. Object Segmentation :

    Segment buildings and road networks, map green areas and agricultural lands, and differentiate between water bodies and diverse soil types, all using mGIS Vision’s AI image segmentation feature.
    mGIS Vision’s AI segmentation feature also enables you to Segment building rooftop from drone ortho images.

  • 3. Building Height Estimation:

    mGIS’s AI algorithm estimates building heights directly from satellite imagery, providing valuable insights for a multitude of applications.

Mappls mGIS

Encompasses a geoanalytics/GIS web portal, map-ready data catalogue
and a suite of geoprocessing, geoanalytics, AI-powered image
analysis APIs, SDKs, plugins and widgets

mGIS Portal

Easy-to-use online interface that helps you start using the power of spatial analysis by geotagging your business data on-the-fly and combining it with Mappls' vast repository of ready-to-use map data of ground reality.

mGIS Map Data

Mappls' vast repository of maps and data encompass administrative boundaries and hierarchies down to the minutest level of detail, including land use, transportation network, demographic data and more.


Map and Location APIs, widgets, plugins and tools for developers to build advanced location-based applications - map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, search, routing, geospatial analysis, AI-powered image analysis and more.

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