Granular User Management for Optimal Control

Define roles, set permissions, and ensure data governance. mGIS's User Management system gives you complete control over access and privileges, fostering collaborative workflows while safeguarding sensitive information.


Feature Agility

Customize your mGIS experience to fit your unique demands. Our Feature Management system lets you activate, deactivate, and configure specific features, ensuring that your platform perfectly aligns with your organizational goals.

Uncompromising Data Management

Your data is the lifeblood of your operations. mGIS's robust Data Management system offers secure storage, granular access control, and comprehensive backup solutions, guaranteeing the integrity and availability of your spatial assets.


Secure Every Access

Protecting your data is our top priority. mGIS's advanced Authentication System employs industry-leading security protocols like OAuth 2.0 and more to deter unauthorized access and safeguard your information.

Seamless Upgrades

Innovation never stops. mGIS's Over-the-Air updates ensure you consistently benefit from the latest features and functionality without disrupting your workflows. Stay ahead of the curve and experience the power of perpetual improvement.


Interoperability with OGC Compliance

Embrace the power of collaboration. mGIS's OGC Compliance allows seamless integration with any third-party platform or data source adhering to OGC standards. Break down data silos and leverage the full potential of your spatial ecosystem.

Enterprise-Grade Security for Your Critical Data

Your data deserves the highest level of protection. mGIS's Enterprise-Grade Security utilizes encryption, vulnerability testing, and rigorous security protocols to keep your information safe, secure, and always under your control.


Mappls mGIS

Encompasses a geoanalytics/GIS web portal, map-ready data catalogue
and a suite of geoprocessing, geoanalytics, AI-powered image
analysis APIs, SDKs, plugins and widgets

mGIS Portal

Easy-to-use online interface that helps you start using the power of spatial analysis by geotagging your business data on-the-fly and combining it with Mappls' vast repository of ready-to-use map data of ground reality.

mGIS Map Data

Mappls' vast repository of maps and data encompass administrative boundaries and hierarchies down to the minutest level of detail, including land use, transportation network, demographic data and more.


Map and Location APIs, widgets, plugins and tools for developers to build advanced location-based applications - map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, search, routing, geospatial analysis, AI-powered image analysis and more.

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