Map and Geospatial APIs along
with ready-to-use map data to
develop advanced location based

APIs, widgets, plugins, for map visualisation in 2D/3D, geocoding,
location search, geospatial analyses, AI-powered image analysis

Access to map data layers such as administrative boundaries from state-level down
to building-level granularity, transportation network, demographic, socio-economic, income data
and market indices, points of interests which can be directly used by third party applications.

GeoBI - Geo Business Intelligence

Geo Visualisation API

2D, 3D basemap and map layer overlay and styling API

Location Search API

Autosuggest, nearby and textsearch API

Geocoding API

Single or batch geocoding

Direction and Routing API

Single or batch routing, car, bike, truck, bicycle and pedestrian routing, multiple via points

Geoanalytics API

Data and spatial query API, geodata management API, advanced geo-analytics API

GeoAI-powered Location Intelligence

Satellite Imagery AI API

Building footprints, water bodies, vegetation, roads, railway

Street Imagery AI API

Traffic signs, street furniture

Mappls mGIS

Encompasses a geoanalytics/GIS web portal, map-ready data catalogue
and a suite of geoprocessing, geoanalytics, AI-powered image
analysis APIs, SDKs, plugins and widgets

mGIS Portal

Easy-to-use online interface that helps you start using the power of spatial analysis by geotagging your business data on-the-fly and combining it with Mappls' vast repository of ready-to-use map data of ground reality.

mGIS Map Data

Mappls' vast repository of maps and data encompass administrative boundaries and hierarchies down to the minutest level of detail, including land use, transportation network, demographic data and more.


Map and Location APIs, widgets, plugins and tools for developers to build advanced location-based applications - map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, search, routing, geospatial analysis, AI-powered image analysis and more.

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