Create Data from Scratch

mGIS empowers you to create layers from scratch, meticulously defining structures and attributes to perfectly align with your specific needs. Whether creating a detailed land-use map for a new development project or visualizing customer distribution patterns for strategic retail planning, mGIS gives you the tools to design a digital world that speaks your language.

Bring Your Data Into the Map

mGIS shatters data silos and embraces diversity. Seamlessly integrate a wide range of standard GIS formats like GeoJSON, KML, Shapefiles, GeoTiff, as well as non-GIS data sources like CSV and Excel. Embrace your existing data ecosystem, ensuring a unified geospatial experience that leverages every valuable insight.

Collaboration Without Compromise using Workview

Workview is your personalized dashboard within mGIS. Empower multiple users to collaborate on the same dataset while maintaining individual settings and perspectives. Save and retrieve custom styling, queries, map extents, layer statuses, and more, ensuring a uniquely tailored experience for every user. Share your Workview and elevate collaborative insights effortlessly.

Edit with Precision, Update with Ease

In a world where data is constantly evolving, mGIS ensures your maps never fall behind. Effortlessly edit attributes to reflect the latest information, update geometries to capture shifting boundaries, create new features to represent emerging trends, or delete obsolete data to maintain clarity. The intuitive Feature Manager Tools empower you to keep your maps as dynamic as the world they represent, ensuring accuracy and impact at every turn.

Bridge the Data Gap

Seamlessly bridge the gap between mGIS and external data sources, including databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle) and Cloud based Document and Spreadsheet Editors. Access both spatial and non-spatial datasets directly within the mGIS platform, fostering comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Integrate with Ease

Expand your geospatial landscape by seamlessly incorporating WMS, WMTS, and XYZ tiles data services. Enhance your maps with diverse data sources, enriching your analysis and unlocking new perspectives.

Custom Reports for Informed Decisions

Elevate data analysis with mGIS's Report Generation capabilities. Create, store, and download reports, visualizing patterns and trends through multi-dimensional tables. Customize features and columns, export reports to PDF and Excel, and unleash the power of insightful reporting.

Enhancing Insights with Textual Context

mGIS's Annotation Tool lets you add precise textual labels to your map, explaining features, highlighting details, or adding narrative depth. Annotation allows for individual editing of position, text string, and display properties, enhancing your spatial narrative.

Print and Export Maps for Shareability

Preserve and share your spatial data with mGIS's Print and Export Maps features. Export printer-friendly maps, including layers, annotations, and basemaps in various dimensions and orientations. Export maps in formats like PNG, JPG, PDF, TIFF, and BMP, facilitating seamless sharing and documentation of spatial information.

Mappls mGIS

Encompasses a geoanalytics/GIS web portal, map-ready data catalogue
and a suite of geoprocessing, geoanalytics, AI-powered image
analysis APIs, SDKs, plugins and widgets

mGIS Portal

Easy-to-use online interface that helps you start using the power of spatial analysis by geotagging your business data on-the-fly and combining it with Mappls' vast repository of ready-to-use map data of ground reality.

mGIS Map Data

Mappls' vast repository of maps and data encompass administrative boundaries and hierarchies down to the minutest level of detail, including land use, transportation network, demographic data and more.


Map and Location APIs, widgets, plugins and tools for developers to build advanced location-based applications - map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, search, routing, geospatial analysis, AI-powered image analysis and more.

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