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mGIS Portal Features

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Add your data

Geo tag the data you wish to add and visualise it by layering it on a basemap. Gain an intuitive edge over your competitors and get a deeper understanding of your business scenario on the ground by visualising data, such as assets, customers, dealers, distributors, stores, warehouses and organisation performance metrics.

Add ready-to-use map data layers

To further refine your analyses, add map layers from a vast repository of Mappls mGIS Data Catalogue consisting of India and several other countries. Use administrative layers such as state, district, sub-district, city, locality, pincode and aggregate your data on these bounds.

Style your maps for maximum insight

Select from a wide rande of styling options for maps and style your visualisations as heat map, range and category maps, density, bubble, pie and bar chart map. Be it a point, line or region layer, you can select from a wide range of symbols, patterns and custom options to make your maps more meaningful.

Advanced analytics

  • Run many types of queries such as filters, aggregations and spatial joins
  • Run advanced analytics such as hot spot, trade areas with multiple drive time queries
  • Run image analysis using AI/ML/DL for image segmentation, classification and prediction

Solve for a wide spectrum of use cases that are limited only by imagination

Create insightful geo visualisations and analytical reports using advanced geospatial, statistical and AI-powered analytical options.

Mappls mGIS

Encompasses a geoanalytics/GIS web portal, map-ready data catalogue
and a suite of geoprocessing, geoanalytics, AI-powered image
analysis APIs, SDKs, plugins and widgets

mGIS Portal

Easy-to-use online interface that helps you start using the power of spatial analysis by geotagging your business data on-the-fly and combining it with Mappls' vast repository of ready-to-use map data of ground reality.

mGIS Map Data

Mappls' vast repository of maps and data encompass administrative boundaries and hierarchies down to the minutest level of detail, including land use, transportation network, demographic data and more.


Map and Location APIs, widgets, plugins and tools for developers to build advanced location-based applications - map visualisations in 2D/3D, geocoding, search, routing, geospatial analysis, AI-powered image analysis and more.

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