Bring Your Own Data (BYOD) and make it searchable with Mappls’ Custom Search Solutions

What are Mappls’ custom search solutions?

Custom Location Search Services are SaaS-based services in which any third-party customer can push and manage their own proprietary dataset and easily make it searchable via Mappls Custom Location Search API. This enables users to overlay a layer of their own dataset over the map and search on that data. Mappls makes it possible to BYOD(Bring Your Own Data) and ingest it to the map in your application.

Add and Manage Custom Dataset

Search Anything Anywhere

Support Custom Data Structures

Easy to Implement

Why Mappls’ custom search solutions?

In the real world scenario, most organizations are dealing with a huge amount of datasets in disparate formats which are required to be geo-located and made available to the end-user or their employees for search and locate on a map.

This custom map requirement can be easily handled with Mappls Custom Location Search API.

Users can perform nearby custom data searches along with autosuggest and full-text search capabilities.

What makes us different?

Easy to Implement

The custom location search services are available as SaaS-based APIs hence removing the need for any organizations to collaborate or share their dataset to Mappls for creating custom maps.

Self-Data Updates

Adhering to Mappls’ BYOD(Bring Your Own Data) philosophy, rather than sharing the dataset with Mappls for data updates, customers can directly manage their dataset using POST, PUT and DELETE APIs.

This further reduces the turn-around time of the data update process. Integration of custom data is now made easy.

Search Anything Anywhere

Custom Location Search Services Get API enables any user to search their custom dataset around his reference location. The user can search by category or full-text string on any specified attributes.

This API has features to enable filter-based search on specified attributes.

Accessibility and persistence

Since these services are served from a cloud map hence can easily be delivered with any applications over the internet. Users can access them from any internet-enabled device and location.


These APIs follow an open data structure. Hence, the data can be stored with any set of attributes.

The APIs support customizable schema formats and can be integrated with other business applications and also to create personalized maps.

Controlled Access and Security

Since these are cloud-based service hence and the dataset in the secured AWS environment which are accessible to the authorized users only.

SIt keeps the customers away from data leakage.

3 Easy Steps to make the Data Searchable
on your Custom Map

Register yourself with Mappls to get API Access.

Generate your schema registration for Location Search APIs.

Upload your data and your data is available for search with Custom Location Search Services.

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