Get Mappls Pin

Transform any complex address into a shareable 6 character code using Get Mappls Pin. With this users can create an Mappls Pin for any address or get Mappls Pin of the same.

Steps to Get Mappls Pin

  1. Search for an address/place
  2. You may also move the map to select the exact location
  3. Click on the current location marker to select from the map if require current location
  4. Then click on show Mappls Pin

Sample sharable URL


Share Place (Mappls Pin)

Mappls Pin is a 6 character digital address by Mappls which simplifies complex addresses. For e.g - Mappls Pin for the address “Indigo Plast India Pvt Ltd” is 3BL91M With this users can share any place as a 6 digit character code to the community or other users.

Sample sharable URL

You can share any place as a 6 digit character code with the community or other Mappls users.

COVID Dashboard

Useful and free-to-integrate geo-visualized COVID-19 dashboard with stats , map search guides, and reporting tools.

Sample sharable URL

Users can turn on multiple layers and share the dashboard to other users.

With default layer selected

With 3 layers selected - Containment zones, Testing Lab, Treatment Centre,corona_testing_centre,corona_treatment_centre



Integrate the navigation utility to your application to get turn-by-turn directions to a location.


URL Parameters


: Starting location name


: Destination location name


: Lat/Long pair of starting location


: Lat/Long pair of destination location

Sample calling URL

Mappls://navigation?places=26.884649,75.801128,Nehru Place;28.566677,77.234995,Mool Chand

COVID Safety Check

Widget to check whether you are in or near a containment zone.Your family or friends could be near a containment zone. Share this tool and keep them updated with the nearest corona related facilities. Also, get to know the nearest

  • Corona Treatment Centre
  • Sample Collection Centre
  • Quarantine Centre

Sample sharable URL


Rate and Review

Users can Rate and Review any place that they have visited and they can also share the place review with their social network.

Sample calling URL<mappls-pin>/<reviewID>

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