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EatFit integrates Mappls' APIs to create incredible consumer experiences, enhance delivery times & optimise the Eatfit Kitchen network.

EatFit caters healthy meals to 2mn+ customers across Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad and Mysore. It has a network of over 15 cloud kitchens and is planning to expand further across India.

By integrating Mappls APIs into its app, EatFit has created a digital ecosystem that serves its customers from the nearest EatFit Kitchen at the fastest delivery times!

Here's how Mappls' Location APIs are helping EatFit create superior ordering-in experiences:

Address Picker

Onboarding a customer is a prime step in the success of any business, even more so for an online food delivery business like EatFit. Mappls takes care of this by providing EatFit customers a text-based autosuggest address feature as well as a map-based pindrop address picker. This brings customers the best of both worlds, by helping them enter accurate & verified addresses.

Delivery Experience

These customer addresses are then matched to the nearest available EatFit Kitchen for the order to get processed, using Mappls' distance matrix API. Once prepared, the healthy meals are delivered to the customer's doorstep through the fastest and most optimised routes available.

Route Optimisation

Each time a delivery agent leaves the EatFit Kitchen, the fastest and most cost-effective route is calculated by using Mappls' route optimisation algorithms which take into account - distance, ETA, fuel consumption and other custom factors.

These features when combined together, create the most well-oiled food delivery experience for the end customers.

We believe that Mappls' Location APIs will help elevate hyperlocal navigation and strengthen our delivery network, thus making ordering-in food from EatFit a far superior experience.

Ankit Nagori
Co-founder, EatFit

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