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How MG Motor India is offering its vehicle owners a nextgen driving experience with Mappls' Navigation Suite

The next time you step into one of these beauties from Morris Garages (MG Motor India), cast your eyes onto the infotainment system.

It’s the single most exquisite piece of location technology that sits pretty in the car’s dash and holds the answer to all your usual driving worries, such as:

  • Am I pulling up at the correct house?
  • Did I just cross the speed limit?
  • Will there be traffic on that route?
  • Do I take the flyover or the underpass?
  • Did I miss a signboard behind that tree?
  • Uh oh! No internet. Now, how do I find the closest ATM?
  • Instead of typing, can’t I just ask my car to find me the nearest petrol pump?

Getting answers to all of the above and much more is now possible with Mappls' Connected Navigation Suite embedded into MG Motor vehicles.

MG vehicle owners will now enjoy a nextgen navigation experience that is safer, connected and more convenient. Built on the world's most detailed house number level maps, the Mappls Connected Navigation Suite comes with some of the coolest features for car owners.


  • Voice alerts for driver safety, such as potholes, dangerous curves, speed limits, no parking zones and more
  • Dual offline and online navigation with voice search
  • Alerts for useful live traffic incidents, such as roadwork, closed road, fallen tree, report of wrong side driving and more
  • No parking alert
  • Sharp curve alert
  • Speed limit alert
  • Category based search
  • Live traffic incidents


  • Door-to-door navigation that takes you to the exact doorstep of a house or building address
  • Junction view on the map for crystal clear directions at confusing forks, flyovers, underpasses
  • Never miss a sign with sign boards displayed right on the map
  • Fuzzy search to intelligently correct misspellings, because typing while driving is hard :)
  • Junction view on map
  • Doorstep navigation
  • Sign board display on map
  • Fuzzy search


  • Mappls PIN, easy-to-remember 6-character short location codes that give the exact doorstep location of any physical place
  • Nearby search to discover places of interest while driving, such as banks, petrol pumps, restaurants, travel destinations, covid vaccine centres and more
  • Various map views, such as 3D map view, terrain map view
  • Live traffic display to identify clear and congested routes
  • Nearby search
  • eLoc: 6-character doorstep address
  • 3D map view
  • Terrain map view
  • Live traffic display

Mappls' mobility solutions suite - NCASE (Navigation, Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric), is developed to make vehicles and drives safer, efficient and more convenient, helping accelerate the future of vehicles and mobility.

The Gloster comes with
3D maps from Mappls which includes COVID testing centre locations in maps apart from various alerts like potholes and speed alerts.

Rajeev Chaba
President & CEO, MG Motor India

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