Report an Issue

Mappls provides map-based issue reporting for citizens, business and administration to report issues and complaints on the map which authorities can see exact location of, and immediately resolve; with resolution notifications going to citizens, to close the loop. This will help increase cleanliness, reduce crime, ensure better life for citizens and give actionable insights of issue locations by category for better planning & maintenance of a place.

Report issues across different categories


Mappls users report real-time Traffic events on the map that are visible to all users.


Mappls users report real-time Safety events on the map that are visible to all users.


Mappls users report real-time.Community events or issues on the map that are visible to all users.

Swachh Bharat

Community reports surrounding areas which are in need of immediate action and improvement.

Pollution Activity

Captured data can be built into a model for smart city planning in applications for disaster management, city surveillance, mobility Planning.

Map Issues

Various map issues reported by users on Mappls web portal/Mappls app


Users can report any issue related to corona or corona safety.

My Corona Status

This shows the user’s corona status on the place reported.


  • Users can either report an issue or view reported issues.
  • Easy and effective mechanism for the citizens to help their surroundings & civic authorities by reporting issues across different categories.
  • View Reports in your area, give you a good sense of your surroundings. By being able to see the exact location of accidents, heavy traffic, potholes, unsafe areas, water wastage etc., you will be able to choose the roads you want to avoid or which neighborhood you would rather visit.
  • Citizens take charge of their area and make a difference by reporting issues like map, traffic, road condition and safety issues; review and ask questions.
  • To visually showcase your reports users can add an image to your reported events.
  • Reported issues are reflected on the map. Thus, helpful for other map users to plan their commute.
  • Swachh Bharat issues let users know about the clean/unclean places in the surrounding.
  • Helps users to see covid related reports on the map which may include containment zone, social distancing failure, health services unmet and others.


  • Helps administrators listen to the voice of the citizens, track issues geographically and earn goodwill by quick turnaround times for grievance response and resolution.
  • Quick view access to traffic issues, smart city issues, community issues and others on map.
  • Authorities can see the reported issues like flood alerts, landslide prone areas, unsafe areas and act accordingly in the affected region.
  • City administration can use maps for grievance management.
  • Government authorities can keep an eye on the pollution activity and other hazardous activities in any area.


  • Businesses like restaurant chains, company offices, shops etc can keep a check on all the reported events at their place and improve upon.
  • View and respond to the types of reports by the users.
  • Reports help to maintain and manage the surroundings of that place.
  • Business can showcase well rated reviews and reports to the world to attract customers.
  • Logistic and ecommerce industry can use map reports for better and smooth deliveries.
  • Identify employees that are travelling to work from covid prone area.
  • Businesses can keep the on-field team safer with live COVID hotspots alerts.

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