Edit a Place

Suggest an edit is a feature that allows the user to suggest any edit or update of any place. This is a way by which Mappls users can contribute to the map by editing various attributes of any residential, business or any place that is available on Mappls map. The suggested edit or update is published only after the verification and moderation process is completed.

How can you use “suggest to edit”

  • Place :Change or edit the place as Operational/ Non-existent or Closed Permanently.
  • Name : Suggest any change or update of the place name.
  • Category : Suggest to change and update the category of the place as Government, Community services, Restaurant, education etc.
  • Nearby landmark : Provide any nearby landmark of the place.
  • Address : Change the address such as floor number, building number, locality, pincode etc. of the place.
  • Contact Details : Edit and update contact number, email and website of the place.
  • Open Hours : Select always open or add selected hours and days for any place to be updated.
  • Add Photo : Add images for better visualization.

How Does “Suggest and Edit” Help ?

Mappls users can get all the updated information of any place they search for. They could get prior information about any place they want to visit or want to know about.


  • This feature helps the users to get all the updated and prior information about any place they want to visit or know about.
  • Users can add or change their incorrect address to the correct location and address.
  • In most places the nearby landmark is missing, by using this feature users can add the nearby landmark to find or reach the place easily.
  • Users are able to add any additional information like open hours and contact information in the given fields for an existing place on the map.
  • Users can edit and update the functional condition of any place or location to Operational/ Non-existent or Closed Permanently.


  • Government offices can add their opening and closing hours including the Lunch Timing.
  • They can update their contact information.
  • Government bodies can update any development they have done in recent times.
  • Modify and update the information regarding places, facilities, amenities developed by city administration on the map.


  • Business owners can add the nearby known landmarks to reach their places.
  • Business owners can edit or add the business timing of their business place.
  • They can also add the opening and closing days of the week.
  • Business owner can add beautiful images and photographs of the ambience of their places.
  • If the business or office location has been changed then business owners can edit and update to the current location.

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