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AI as-a-service, on-premise or edge to help you adopt AI to
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Turnkey Solutions

AI Turnkey solutions providing for policy compliance, monitoring, automation, and temporal change identification
on images and videos using Computer Vision AI for varied use-cases across industry segments.



Farmer Advisory Solution using AI and location.

Video Analytics


AI driven analytics on video streams.



Automatic Change Identification on satellite imagery.


Highways & logistics

AI for National Highways and logistics.

AI Driven BI


Business Intelligence solutions using AI.

Skydnn QGIS

geospatials & mapping

AI plugin for QGIS for automatic segmentation, detection on satellite and street imagery.

AI for Enterprises & Businesses that scale up with your needs

Enterprises & Businesses can potentially benefit to expand, save time and money by
adopting AI with geospatial and location that is simple, intuitive and viable.

Autonomous Vehicles / ADAS

Street Imagery & Point Clouds

To extensively train autonomous driving perception models and complex use cases to suit autonomous requirements.

Environment & Agriculture

Satellite Imagery

To identify by detection or classification a variety of objects on Satellite Imagery, Street Imagery for environment and agriculture use cases.

Infrastructure Management

Satellite & Street Imagery

To identify a variety of objects on Drone Imagery, Satellite Imagery, Street Imagery for management, maintenance, monitoring purposes.

AI for Government needs

On-premise to cloud AI solutions for data sensitive needs of government and local government bodies.

Disaster Management

High Resolution Satellite & Drone Imagery

During disasters/calamities Drones & High Resolution Satellite Imagery allows to assess ground reality. AI models trained extensively to assess damages and identify changes can help decision makers.

Defense & Surveillance

Satellite Imagery

To identify a variety of objects on Drone Imagery, Satellite Imagery, Street Imagery for management, maintenance, monitoring purposes.

Urban Planning & Smart Cities

Satellite Imagery

AI perception models trained on different resolutions of Satellite Imagery caters to address the increasing need of Urban Planing & Smart Cities for the AOI (Area of Interest).

For Academia

For Students & Researchers

For Startups

Data Labeling & Annotation Services

Pixel perfect annotation for diverse use cases in the industry on images, videos, 3D point clouds.

2D Bounding Box

Object localization, object detection on street imagery, satellite or drone imagery..

2D Rotated Bounding Box

Text detection and recognition for OCR on shopping sign boards, signages for different languages, rotated bounding box for building detection, field parcels, live stocks detection on satellite and drone imagery.

3D Cuboids

Object localization, object detection on 3D point clouds generated using photogrammetry.

Polygon Contour Segmentation

Object segmentation, instance segmentation in street imagery, satellite and drone imagery.

Polyline spline

Polyline/spline annotations for lane markings, road markings, road edges and road boundaries.


Standardized and custom image level and object level attribution for different AI tasks

Landmark/Key point

Human pose, facial features with landmark and key point annotations, point annotations on satellite imagery for POI.

Steet Imagery, Videos, Point Cloud Data
Annotations & AI datasets

Multi-Sensor Data Survey

Autonomous and HD Mapping

Data acquisition & processing required to train AI models for Autonomous Vehicles using our indigenous Mobile Mapping system for survey with multiple sensors.

AI Annotations Data Store

Street Imagery

Ready to use AI annotation for over 1000s of street imagery are annotated for different use cases and AI Tasks across multiple categories.

AI Datasets

Street Imagery

Ready to use AI datasets for different use cases with 2 splits (train / val) or 3 splits (train / val / test) for computer vision tasks - object detection, instance segmentation and text detection & recognition.

Use cases

AI empowering organisations to provider enahnced
customer experience and improved efficiency

Point of Interest Detection

2D Bounding Box

Point of Interests are annotated on street imageries like different types of buildings as 2D bounding box & labels. AI trained then can detect different buildings useful for mapping, urban planning & smart cities.

Car Make & Model

2D Bounding Box

Cars are annotated with 2D bounding box, labels and additional attribution for car make & model for car classification. AI trained can recognize the car make and model useful for tolls, logistics, parking lots.

Shopping Signboard Text

2D Rotated bounding Box

Shopping signboard text is annotated with each word as 2D rotated bounding box and attributes given for actual text in the given language. Essential for OCR on street images.

Shopping Sign Board Detection

2D Bounding Box

Shopping sign boards on streets are annotated as 2D bounding box, labeled and attributed. It's useful to detect shopping point of interest, and essential for text recognition pipeline for OCR on street imagery.

Indic Text Recognition

2D Rotated Bounding Box

Annotation essential for Indic Text recognition on street imagery using optical character recognition (OCR).

Traffic Sign Detection

2D Bounding Box + Polygon

2D bounding box and polygon annotation for detection of traffic signs with single label.

Traffic Sign Recognition

2D Bounding Box + Polygon

Different traffic sign label along with 2D bounding box and polygon for traffic sign recognition and instance segmentation.

Road Lane Detection


Road lane markings as polyline annotation on street imagery that are compatible with different lane detection deep neural networks.

Road Boundary Detection


Similar to road lane markings as polyline annotation on street imagery but marks the road edge. It is useful to detect the road boundaries.

Road Lane Classification


Road lanes and boundaries annotations are enhanced with different attributes to classify type of lanes and boundary types in road lane classification annotations.

Road Junction Mask


Carefully crafted polygons for different junction scenarios let the AI trained to segment different junctions in the street imagery.

Pedestrian/Person Detection


Person or pedestrian polygon annotations on the street images.

Signage Detection


Road signage with different categories detection in the street imagery.

Traffic Light Segmentation


Traffic light, orientation, individual light lamp annotated with polgon segmentation with different attributes in the street imagery.

Vehicle Detection

2D Bounding Box

On road vehicles annotated with 2D bounding box for detection.

Face Detection

2D Bounding Box

2D bounding box annotations of human faces on the street in street imagery.

Vehicle Number Plate

2D Bounding Box + Text

On road vehicle number plates are annotated with 2D Bounding Box and the number text for Vehicle number plate recognition task.

Building Facade


Building facade or the front of the building is annotated with polygon in the street imagery.

Land Use Classification


Classification of Satellite Imagery tiles/chips or AOI (Area of Interest) into different types of land usage like residential, industrial.

Satellite Building Detection


Building roof tops are annotated on high resolution satellite imagery as polygons. These building roof tops are essential inputs for building footprint creation in mapping and other geospatial analytical application.

Land Segmentation


AOI (Area of Interest) are annotated in polygon for different distinctive Land, Road, and Geographical Feature categories.

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