Hyperlocal Maps

Showing the real world around you in the most accurate way.

Mappls' real-time hyperlocal maps empower users with access to rich hyperlocal information.

Real-time maps with detailed attribute-rich content that is professionally collected, curated and published through our APIs and SDKs.

By continuously tracking and streaming information about trending places, nearby social events, safety alerts, community reporting of hyperlocal issues, traffic incidents, hyperlocal maps help with more accurate, localised and personalised context of your surroundings.


  • Tagged with Rich Attributes
  • Hyper-local Content
  • Real-Time update
  • Precise and Accurate
  • Professionally moderated
  • User friendly & Customer Oriented

Features and Highlights

Rich & Dynamic Data

Trending Places

Keeping a tab on trending places, important categories,
rich and dynamically changing attributes like social events, hyperlocal information on a continuous basis.


Electric Charging Station Discovery

Enabling discovery of electric charging station along with dynamic attributes on a continuous basis, to serve the rapidly evolving market of electric mobility.

Social Events

Discover social events like festival celebrations, community gatherings etc. happening right around the corner.


Live Traffic Data


Live Traffic

Plan your day better with live traffic flow information which is continuously updated using billions of probes
from sensor data streaming.

Safety Alerts

A safer world is a better world.

Hyperlocal maps enable a safe and secure experience for the user through dynamic safety alerts, such as:

Police Check post | Hazard | Water Logging | Unsafe Area| Broken Street Light | Bad Weather | Fallen Tree |
Wrong Side Driving | Potholes | Sewer/Drain Work


Traffic Incidents

Continuous curation and validation of traffic incidents to proactively alert drivers about future events.

Provide guidance regarding congestion, accidents and closures before, during and after the drive.

Traffic incidents category - Traffic Jam | Accident | Road Closure | Traffic Camera | Road Work

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