Digitally and Geospatially
representing the real world in real time


99% network coverage

Connected, comprehensive and navigation ready


30+ million places

Classified, accurately located, and richly attributed


3.1 million+ updates

On daily, weekly and
monthly basis

Unlocking the value of location technology with the most used and proven digital map data.

Our core foundation map is used by customers across various segments and includes highly detailed, comprehensive and accurate 2D map features like:

  • Administrative hierarchy, address data layers down to house number level in cities and every village in rural areas, 99.99% coverage of road and rail transportation network
  • Land cover/land use including water, green, commercial, industrial, residential, institutional areas
  • Points of interest/landmarks across 300+ categories

With the fundamental geographic features, we maintain a seamless and detailed foundational map representation.

Features and Highlights

Administrative Maps

  • The administrative maps represent the Government definition of the administrative divisions as points & polygons.
  • Available with admin representations as per 2001, 2011 and latest definitions.
  • Strictly aligned to official definition of country borders.
  • Tagged with 140+ attributes of demographics, value added attributes.
  • Maps are continuously updated to represent the current administrative definition.

Network Layers

  • Most comprehensive coverage of roads, railways and waterways across the country.
  • Tagged with 40+ network attributes to power routing and navigation solutions such as number of lanes, average speed, direction of travel etc.
  • Continuously updated with AI powered change detection triggers.
  • Attributed to support vehicle type based navigation scenarios.
  • Localised to suit the driving scenarios and geographic structures.
  • Attributed with multi-model network features.
  • Names available in local regional languages as well.

Points of Interest

  • Detailed places directory with 300+ categories - hospitals, hotels, medical facilities, automotive dealers, fuel/charging stations, parking etc.
  • Tagged with multiple aliases to factor in regional influences.
  • Associated rich attributes as per category significance, such as cuisine for dining places, star rating for hotels, opening hours etc.
  • Classified attributes to denote branded places, search and label display priorities.
  • Attributed with entry locations to power accurate last mile reachability.
  • Names available in local regional languages as well.
  • Powers location discovery and profiling use-cases across industries.


  • Address comprises building numbers, names tagged with streets, urban admin chains.
  • Adapted with unique data modelling representing diverse addressing patterns.
  • Structured address directory powering address reconciliation, resolution and geocoding solutions.
  • Uniquely addressable in connection to streets, sub localities and higher level of admin chain.
  • Attributed with entry locations to power accurate last mile reachability.
  • Highly detailed coverage for 200+ cities.

Land use/ Land cover

  • Green features like parks, forests, wild life sanctuaries.
  • Water features like lakes, rivers, ponds etc.
  • Built-up features representing building footprints.
  • Additionally, features like open land, beaches, airport runways are also included.
  • Classified attributes to denote label display priorities for map rendering.

Postal Maps

  • Seamless postal boundary map.
  • Continuously updated with official records of changes in pin-code listings.
  • Powers address validation, standardisation, cleaning, analytics solutions.
  • Available as a relation directory of pincode at State, District, City, Locality levels.

Primary Sources Used for Mapping


Satellite Mapping


UAV Mapping


Mobile Mapping


Foot Mapping


GPS Probes


Point Cloud


Desk Research


Official Records

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