Press Release February 10, 2020 | 11 min read

MapmyIndia unveils intelligent ‘Talking Vehicle Tech’

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MapmyIndia, a leading digital mapping and location-based technologies, Big Data and IoT company, has launched the never-before-seen AutoTech that will make your car/bike talk to you intelligently to give you a safer, productive and fun driving experience. MapmyIndia’s C.A.S.E. (Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric) suite of software, hardware and mapping products and solutions are the key enablers for a smart, location-aware, intelligent, intuitive and two-way voice-enabled (talking) transport systems.

“See, hear and learn how your vehicle and driving experience transform from a mere utility to a far more enriching one. Travel becomes better, smarter, safer, quicker, more efficient and a lot more fun than it ever was! To cater to the evolving needs of today’s demanding customer, MapmyIndia has reimagined and reinvented ‘Mobility & Maps’ to build our unique C.A.S.E. suite of automotive solutions powered by the “Intelligent Digital Vehicle Twin” and “Live 4D Digital Map Twin of the Real World”. These will convert your vehicles into intelligent travel companions. This ‘Make in India’ solution is made for the world and will enable automotive OEMs to create product differentiation and offer higher value to their customers, helping prep-up demand in these challenging times,” says Rohan Verma, CEO & ED, MapmyIndia.


By layering AI/machine learning, IoT, EV and other technologies with, MapmyIndia’s latest 4Dmaps – the most real-time, dynamics, hyper-local, precise, reliable time & space maps of India, the company has developed the C.A.S.E. suite of products and solutions with a simple yet powerful objective of “Making Your Car Talk Intelligently”. Just like a companion whose words can make your day, the vehicle will be able to initiate a conversation with you and respond whenever needed. The vehicle, equipped with various sensors, gadgets, AI, cloud connectivity and interfaced with your phone (via MapmyIndia C.A.S.E. suite) will enable an experience similar to traveling with a good friend or a reliable assistant. Someone you can trust and rely on, at all times.

The location and situation-aware components of the platform, sensors could assess the mood, health, possibility of an accident, or any other need like hunger etc. of the passenger and suggest a solution accordingly. It can be a simple, “Hello! All set for a bright new day.” or “You don’t look so good today. Shall I book an appointment with Dr. Sinha?” or “Be careful! Pothole ahead!”

“MapmyIndia is disrupting and building cutting-edge car-tech with a blend of hardware, software, AI, ML, BIG DATA, Analytics Engineering Technology, automotive IOT etc. By adopting these technologies the automakers will be able to successfully address the mismatch between the mobility market and the evolving consumer needs and expectations, vis-à-vis the vehicles, technologies and mobility solutions they are offering currently. The traditional OEMs could proactively counter the threat of commoditization, emanating from the entry of large mobility solution providers and tech-first mobility solutions companies. The C.A.S.E. suite will enable them to quickly fill in the technology gap and catch up with the new age mobility solutions providers,” adds Rohan.

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