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Let’s build awesome apps together using MapmyIndia APIs

AppmyIndia, a developers platform from MapmyIndia witnessed thousands of developers with their ideas for a better and smarter India. Among them is a Chandigarh-based IT professional, Indu Chauhan who came up with a new mobile App “Feelsafe Maps” using MapmyIndia’s APIs! The app has won the first prize of Rs 1 lakh in AppmyIndia “Appathon” organised recently by MapmyIndia. This comes as good news for millions of people with special needs.

Indu Chauhan
Indu Chauhan

“Feelsafe Maps” is developed to cater over 15 million visually, speech and hearing impaired people who can take advantage of MapmyIndia application programme interface (API), which will help them become independent and also stay safe. The app acts like a personal secretary and a virtual friend to its user. This app will integrate with the National Crime Record Bureau to gather data and will use artificial intelligence to tell users about suspected crime locations. “Feelsafe Maps” app is in speak mode and feel mode for the convenience of people with special needs,” says Indu’s husband Apurav, who is a software engineer and has helped his wife in the development of the app.

The app runs on two modes. Feel Mode and Speak Mode.

Feel Mode is helpful for the people who can’t speak, hear or see. The app adopted the principle of Morse code, which is very easy for people with the knowledge of Braille. Users can use the app to communicate using a combination of long and short taps when seeking directions to a location. The app communicates the message via Morse code transmitted via your phone’s vibration.

Speak Mode is designed for a user to interact with the app directly by speaking and then telling it the location required. The app gives directions when the user asks it to navigate.While navigating, the app will alert the user about any possible crime location nearby, based on history of the location. This mode is very useful for those who can’t see, as they can use it to become independent. It will also be useful for normal people, as they can go hands-free while travelling to unknown locations even while using MapmyIndia map API.

MapmyIndia APIs help developer to add powerful location intelligence and mapping functionality to your apps with India’s best maps and location technology.

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