Press Release March 1, 2018 | 5 min read

As MapmyIndia enters Google territory, can it beat the Goliath of internet?

Proud to be featured in the Economic Times!

Economic Times on, Sunday, February 25th, 2018, featured MapmyIndia founders Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Rashmi Verma, clad in typical mapping-trekking gear, with a smile that speaks volumes of their passion and achievements in the niche space of mapping and location technology. The Economic Times goes on to describe Mapmyindia’s recently launched “Always-on-product” the online version of fully featured consumer Map App. MapmyIndia is stepping up in the consumer space where maps have become a part of every- day life, be it for navigation, search, getting real-time traffic, locating the nearest ATM or a favourite restaurant or staying connected through connected devices.

Moving ahead from empowering the automobile space to providing fully featured Map App in order to map all postal addresses in India, MapmyIndia is focused on providing solutions, for consumers, businesses & the government. The much-awaited Map App is backed up by better, comprehensive and detailed mapping data, giving an edge to its users.

ET quotes Rakesh Verma: “he has a product that is better than Google Maps and is now making it free as well. He says this initiative would bring reliability to the table and claims that with every address mapped, MapmyIndia would be a far better option for finding an address than the landmark-based system created by Google Maps.” With strategic rather than financial partners, MapmyIndia is successfully establishing itself in the geospatial consumer world.

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