Nextgen EV solutions powered
by the best-in-class 4D maps

Drive stress-free in EVs

Get accurate and hyperlocal range calculation based on:

  • Vehicle attributes
  • Driving behaviour
  • Battery level and type
  • Road topography
  • Weather

Innovation in range calculation in turn would be key in improving the public confidence for EVs.


Plan your trips with confidence

Know where compatible charge stations are while travelling

  • Plan your trips intelligently with our AI-based routing algorithms so that your destination is within the displayed spider range and never far away from a charge station
  • Plan long distance EV journeys that show you where to charge and when to charge, made possible by mapped data of EV charge stations.

Smart EV Cluster

Smart display with a gamified interface for ease of use

  • Get EV-aware battery efficient routes and deviation handling
  • Display charge stations along the route with distance and ETA
  • Get interactive updates on Companion App with Battery Status, Trip Details and Nearby Charging Stations

Smarter Analytics for your EV business

Pioneering a site selection tool for charging infrastructure

  • Avoid operational costs on surveys with Mappls datasets on traffic flow, road topography, nearby amenities and more
  • Convert EVCI sites from potential to probable by indexing an AI-based algorithm in accordance with government regulations
  • Acquire our data science experience on site selection tools along with real-time information

Empowering your innovation

Take your EV mobilty solution to the next level with our APIs, SDKs and IoT devices

  • Embed maps, range, charger info and much more with our APIs and SDKs, and enhance the customer experience
  • Capture your vehicle insights through our IoT devices and feed them into an analytics platform to derive usage patterns and to generate predictive suggestions for your customers.
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Why Mappls' nextgen EV solutions?

Highly accurate and precise range calculation algorithms

Offering customisable EV-optimised solutions

Single umbrella platform: Get the complete EV chargers information from us

Setup a reliable and secure data pipeline to communicate with your vehicle

Integration support for APIs and SDKs

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