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Stay connected with greater visibility and traceability of devices, people and things

Bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world through connected devices, sensors and data networks, MapmyIndia.s Telematics platform .InTouch. is a cognitive application system that gives sense to the plethora of data generated by them. It is a highly powerful, scalable and modular platform to deploy IoT applications across various industry verticals.

Mapmyinda Telematics powers engaging applications for enterprises, governments and consumers across multiple use cases by providing a seamless access to your fleet data with your comprehensive data integration and analytics.

  • InTouch IoT Engine

    InTouch IoT Engine

    Utilizes advanced positioning services like GNSS, GPS, Glonass with various options for connectivity like 2.5G,3G,4G,LoRa,MQTT,RF, WiFi

  • real time location

    Robust Features

    A powerful and scalable application on mobile & web dashboard to provide real time location, location history, driving behavior & vehicle diagnostics

  • InTouch web dashboard

    Enhancing Business Operations

    Get an instant insight of your fleet utilization & driving behavior pattern via InTouch web dashboard & mobile application

  • Telematics & Tracking APIs /SDKs

    Telematics & Tracking APIs /SDKs

    The API & SDK libraries provide powerful, efficient and accurate data on cloud of the IoT devices on InTouch applications for Android, iOS and web

InTouch IoT Engine & Application Layer

A whole ecosystem of the integrated telematics data from connected devices & network gateways with web & mobile applications.

It is a ready to use, out of the box service where the customer simply needs to sign up to MapmyIndia Intouch app online portal to register devices and get started with User Id and a password.

InTouch IoT Engine & Application Layer

Robust Features

A secure, intelligent & modular location based IoT Platform built with robust features to support powerful and scalable application

  • A unified platform, integrated with the variety of IoT devices
  • Tightly integrated with accurate and detailed MapmyIndia maps
  • Open architecture to extend the platform for specific requirements
  • Web dashboard & native mobile applications
  • Route creation & geofence management
  • Highly configurable
  • Domain-specific alarms & reports
IoT Platform
InTouch web dashboard & mobile

Enhancing Business Operations

Get an instant insight of your fleet utilization & driver behavior pattern via InTouch web dashboard & mobile application. It optimizes utilization, reduces costs, and increases operational insights.

  • Increases efficiency and accuracy
  • Provides end to end insights
  • Generates information on the IoT devices on cloud
  • Gives customised information to generate reports - monthly fleet summary, refuel & expenses, speeding, trips & drives & more
  • Alert Indicators: vehicle battery, fuel theft, immobilization, driver behaviour & more

Telematics & Tracking APIs /SDKs

MapmyIndia InTouch easily integrates into existing cloud services via our tracking & telematics APIs. The API & SDK libraries provide powerful, efficient and accurate positioning for the IoT devices on InTouch applications for Android, iOS and the web.

Telematics & Tracking APIs /SDKs

IoT Applications

InTouch powers fleet management, vehicle telematics and connected car services. It is a Software-as-a-Service solution, used by various businesses to improve performance, save costs & support overall operational efficiency. It follows an open platform approach customized to suit your business processes, also connecting 3rd party devices to transmit field data back to the office and digitize every step of a work flow.

Intouch SDK

Intouch SDK

Power Your App With Real-Time Location Tracking APIs & SDK

IoT Sensors

Preventive Car Health

Remote diagnosis & ongoing vehicle health monitoring

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking for Fleet

Optimize your fleet with live GPS tracking

workforce management


Field workforce management system for people, partners

GPS based alert

Emergency Response

GPS based alert system for fire, ambulance & police

Vehicle Tracker

Cold Chain Tracking Solution

Real time alerts for zone intrusion, route deviation & temperature

IoT Sensors

School Bus Monitoring

Remote diagnosis & ongoing vehicle health monitoring

fleet tracking

Solid Waste Management

Integrated with biometric attendance, RFID tracking & fleet

IoT Security

Street Light Management

GPRS technology for SMS based alerts on theft, overload & fault

real time tracking

Cell ID Based Tracking

A dynamic solution with ability to track people/vehicle in real time

GPS for Asset Tracking

GPS for Asset Tracking

Manage your assets at all times from anywhere

Devices & Sensors

With a major transition happening in the automotive industry the disruptive technology development is strategized to interconnecting a large number of devices and sensors to facilitate new and more sophisticated functions for a safe, secure and comfortable driving.

MapmyIndia Provides Innovative Automotive Sensors & Devices such as Connecting In-Vehicle Systems, Car-To-Car And Car-To-Infrastructure, navigation and for smart mobility concepts.

Devices & Sensors