Xperience XUV700 with Mappls connected car
in your Digital Cockpit

Explore the connected car ecosystem offered by Mahindra XUV700 through AdrenoX Connect, having smart safer navigation and intelligent connected features powered by MapmyIndia’s Tech Stack.

Xperience next-gen innovation with MapmyIndia

MapmyIndia powers Mahindra to offer its customers a technically advanced infotainment system integrated with Navimaps and Connected car tech on AdrenoX Connect in their vehicle XUV700.

AdrenoX Connect is Mahindra's connected SUV solution backed by MapmyIndia’s technology stack that keeps you connected to your favourite SUV always.

AdrenoX is a feature-packed system that
elevates user experience with technology.

  • Alexa Integration

    The navigation interface integrated with Alexa helps the user use the navigation by giving voice commands.

  • Mappls Pin

    Search any place with India’s first Nation Wide Door-step level smart Digital Addressing System.

  • Incident Reporting

    Enables the user to report the incidents on the route/ place to alert other users travelling on the same route.

  • Dealer and Service Centers

    Helps users in finding the nearby Mahindra dealership and the Mahindra service centres.

  • Favourite Synchronization

    Automatically sync favourite places or saved routes from AdrenoX connect App to the infotainment and vice-versa.

  • Innovative Hybrid Search

    A single line search enables users to search any place without the hassle of typing city, state, and other specific details. Works with or without internet connectivity.

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation on Home Tile

    See the navigation information on your home screen even if the map screen is hidden and never get lost.

  • Live Traffic

    It gives visual clarity to the user of the live traffic conditions on the roads. Always know your accurate and most precise ETA.

  • POI Categories

    Choose and navigate from around 30+ POI categories pre-defined for ease of use.

  • 3D Maps

    View the world in 3D with 3D Maps.

  • Driver Assistance

    Get state of the art display of 3D Flyover view and signposts while navigating for a smooth, safe and hassle-free ride.

  • Directional Compass.

    Always know the direction you are travelling in! Get GPS details along with it.

  • Speed Breaker Alerts

    The driver is alerted to approaching speed breakers, promoting safe driving for you and your loved ones.

  • User Specific POIs

    The personalised engine integrated with the system intelligently allows users to search POIs. Explore what you want with personalised Points of Interest tailored for you.

  • User Ratings & Review

    View user ratings and reviews directly on your screen and plan your trip accordingly.

  • Immersive Custom UI

    Feel the immersive, interactive and most intuitive 3D experience that makes your journey smooth while navigating on the all-new digital cockpit of XUV 700.

  • Ingenious Cockpit Display

    Get a distraction-free routing experience with Maps on your digital cockpit as well as various customisable full and partial map views.

MapmyIndia Connected Tech with AdrenoX Connect

AdrenoX Connect - your XUV700 connect mobile app is now powered by MapmyIndia.

Find My Car

Identify the location of your vehicle and Navigate to it effortlessly.

Geo-Fence Alert

Set a virtual boundary and receive alerts when the vehicle enters or exits that boundary.

Journey Planner

Get information about the route and plan your journeys efficiently.

Trip History

Get detailed information about your trips on your phone.

Estimated Time

Know the Estimated Time of Arrival of your vehicle at your current mobile location.

Save Routes

Add and save your favourite places and routes easily.

Live Tracking

Track and share live location of your vehicle at any point.

Route deviation alerts

Alert the user when the vehicle deviates from predefined path.

Trip Replay

Get the glimpse of the trip

Get Smart with AdrenoX Connect and experience the future
of Connected car technology with robust navigation and smart
car features powered by the MapmyIndia tech stack.

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